Who Are The Hemsworth Brothers Chris, Luke And Liam? Their Ages, Birthdays, Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, Etc

How many brothers does Chris Hemsworth have? Are there 4 Hemsworth brothers? Read on to find out more about the actor siblings.

Hollywood has some familiar faces of great actors who are siblings. This includes the Hemsworth brothers.

Apparently, there are only three Hemsworth brothers, however, the Internet got hit with a fourth Hemsworth brother named Larry Hemsworth.

The truth is, Larry Hemsworth is a creation of the show, The Good Place, as there is no fourth Hemsworth brother in real life. Larry describes himself as being dull as a rock, and also says he has a face like a rock, then scolds himself for talking about rocks too frequently. He is a very successful pediatric surgeon, weighed down by his insecurities regarding his family. According to Janet, he has only seen 4.8 percent of Sydney, despite living there for over a year.

So, who are the three Hemsworth brothers, and who is the oldest and biggest in Hollywood? Read on for more.

Liam is the brother of actors Luke and Chris Hemsworth. Credit: Rex Features

Who is Liam Hemsworth and who are his famous brothers?

The Hemsworth brothers consist of three Australian actors who have gained fame in Hollywood. They have been featured in most blockbuster movies. The names of the Hemsworth brothers are Luke Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth, and Liam Hemsworth.

The Hemsworth brothers’ parents are Craig Hemsworth and Leonie Hemsworth.

Liam is the youngest of three brothers with Luke and Chris also both working as actors. Liam Hemsworth was born on January 13, 1990, and is from Melbourne, Australia. He was named PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity in 2016. Chris Hemsworth is married to model and actress Elsa Pataky and they have three kids. Luke is the oldest of the brothers who gained fame for his roles as Nathan Tyson in the TV series Neighbours.

Luke Hemsworth

Luke Hemsworth is an Australian actor who is known for his roles as Nathan Tyson in the TV series Neighbours, and as Ashley Stubbs in the HBO sci-fi series Westworld. He is the older brother of actors, Chris and Liam.

He is 41 years old and was born on November 5, 1980, in Melbourne, Australia. His height is 1.75 m.

Just like his younger brother Chris, Luke got his acting career started on Neighbours with a 10-episode arc. The 41-year-old would forge his own path in Australian television with roles in multiple shows over the past two decades. In 2017, he even portrayed a fictional version of Thor during a hilarious scene in Ragnarok. More recently, he can be seen playing Ashley Stubbs in HBO’s Westworld.

In 2012, Luke gave a bit of insight into growing up in the wilderness of Australia’s Phillip Island with his two siblings. “Yeah, the Hemsworth House of Horrors,” Luke joked during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “We’d wake up in the morning and literally say ‘See ya, mum,’ and just disappear into the bush. And I think as we got older, parents of kids we knew would gradually drop their kids off further and further away from our house.”

Is Luke Hemsworth married and does he have children? Luke is married to Samantha Hemsworth since 2007. The duo has been together for over 15 years. They share daughters Holly, 12, Ella, 11, Harper Rose, 9, and Alexandre, 8.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is a Marvel icon and he has two brothers that are acting legends as well.

Although many fans only know Chris Hemsworth as the Marvel superhero Thor, the 38-year-old hunky star has had a legendary career in acting. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Chris began his meteoric rise to fame with the soap opera Neighbours. After moving to America, he landed a role in J.J. Abrams’s movie Star Trek and would go on to snag a part in the horror flick The Cabin in the Woods. Then he became a household name playing the God of Thunder in 2011’s Thor, The Avengers, and all of their sequels.

Chris shares his successful Hollywood life with his wife Elsa Pataky, daughter India Rose, 8, and twin sons Sasha and Tristan, 7. The matinee idol is certainly at home with a brood of three, as he himself has two brothers.

Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth is an Australian actor. He played the roles of Josh Taylor in the soap opera Neighbours and Marcus in the children’s television series The Elephant Princess. He is 32 years old and was born on January 13, 1990, in Melbourne, Australia. He stands at a height of 1.91 m.

What is Liam Hemsworth’s net worth? It’s estimated that Liam has a net worth of $28 million (£22.7m). The majority of his earnings stem from his involvement in blockbuster flicks such as The Hunger Games, where he played Gale Hawthorne, and 2012’s The Expendables 2.

Who is Liam Hemsworth dating now? Liam Hemsworth is officially in a relationship with Australian model Gabriella Brooks. Following his high-profile split from ex-wife Miley Cyrus in 2019, the actor enjoyed a brief romance with actress Maddison Brown before striking up a relationship with Brooks.

What are Liam Hemsworth’s biggest movies? Liam remains best known for portraying the role of Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games. His other big-screen credits include The Expendables 2, Paranoia, The Last Song, and Independence Day: Resurgence. His next movie is 2019’s Isn’t It Romantic opposite Rebel Wilson. Liam has also made his mark on the TV industry after appearing in Neighbours and The Muppets.

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