Who Is Matthew Wurnig, 50Dates50States? TikToker Quits His Job To Date 50 Women From Every US State

A young man turned TikToker quit his job to create a profile to document his journey to date 50 women from every US state.

Over-the-top challenge style videos have become a huge hit among content creators, like Ryan Trahan’s MrBeast penny challenge which spanned the US and lasted over 30 days.

Though few content creators are able to embark on and complete these crazy challenges, those who do usually end up creating something pretty special out of it.

Now, one TikToker has gone viral after quitting his job and documenting a mission he set for himself to date 50 women from every state across the US.

TikToker dates 50 women in each US state

The 25-year-old TikTok creator named Matthew Wurnig started this challenge from an idea he had during the lockdown, where he downloaded the Tinder dating app out of boredom.

According to the outlet Newsweek, Wurnig realized he could change his location settings on the app, allowing him to virtually date women from all over the US.

This led the Montana native to set up virtual dates on Zoom. “When quarantine restrictions were lifted, I made it my mission to meet up with the women I had dated on Zoom,” he said.

Wurnig started this journey in January 2021, where he focused on passing through each of the “lower 48 states of the country before flying to Alaska and Hawaii.”

Click here to watch his viral TikTok video.

Wurnig said he tried to make each and every date “unique to its own,” with many dates including planned activities like hiking trips, ziplining, and even a hot air balloon trip in New Mexico.

Over the course of Wurnig’s journey, his TikTok account has gained over 550,000 followers and over 26.4 million likes across all of his videos.

Following the success of his 50 dates in 50 states mission, Wurnig is embarking on a “Season 2” of the challenge, posting videos on a dedicated YouTube channel where fans can follow along.

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