Who is Taylor Blake? (Knuckle Bump Farms) Emu Farmer Goes Viral On TikTok

TikTok users worldwide have heard about Knuckle Bump Farms. But, who are they, and why are they going viral?

Since 2016, TikTok has been the home of a wide variety of viral videos including dance trends, sound clips, and exciting videos.

One creator that’s gone viral thanks to their highly interesting videos is Knuckle Bump Farms which has amassed nearly a million followers so far.

But, who are they, and what’s so interesting about their account?

Knuckle Bump Farms
Source Instagram: @hiitaylorblake

Who is Knuckle Bump Farms on TikTok?

Knuckle Bump Farms is the name of a “small hobby farm” in South Florida run by a woman by the name of Taylor Blake.

Being a “hobby farm” allows Taylor to have a wide variety of animals instead of just your typical array of cows and pigs.

In her videos, she shares interactions with various emu, deer, and cows — and fans absolutely love it.

On July 15, 2022, Taylor attempted to share a video educating her viewers on the animals that live on her farm… but they hilariously put an end to that.

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As the video went viral, fans quickly took to the comments to share their enthusiasm.

One user commented: “I swear it’s like you’re surrounded by a whole herd of toddlers.”

While another replied: “Might not be educational but we did get a good laugh.”

Another one of the animals that constantly steal the show is an Emu named Emmanuel Todd Lopez, who also loves to take over the camera.

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While these videos are just a glimpse at the content on the Knuckle Bump Farms TikTok page — it’s clear that fans are in love with the animals.

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