Where Is Llarisa Abreu Now and Was She Kicked Out Of CBS 3? Details On The Meteorologist

Exactly two years after joining CBS 3, meteorologist Llarisa Abreu has announced her departure. What really happened?

Morning news presenters have become an essential part of our everyday lives, especially with ever-changing weather making it almost impossible to predict temperatures. Meteorologist Llarisa Abreu, who has been part of the weather team for Philadelphia’s CBS 3, recently disappeared from broadcasts, making long-term viewers and listeners concerned.

What happened to Llarisa Abreu? Here’s what you need to know about the Emmy-award-winning meteorologist and where her career will take her next.

Llarisa Abreu

So, what happened to meteorologist Llarisa Abreu?

In February 2020, Llarisa Abreu made her weekday morning meteorologist debut in Philadelphia. According to her social media pages, Llarisa is a New Jersey native but relocated for her role. On Feb. 7, 2023, almost exactly two years after her initial arrival on CBS 3, Llarisa announced on Instagram that she would be leaving the station for “the next chapter.”

Llarisa wrote, “Time flies by when you’re having fun! And a lot has happened since February 2020. I survived a global pandemic, Several tornado outbreaks thanks to Tropical Storm Isaias and Ian. The epic blizzard last winter in Atlantic City and the Vine Street Expressway swallowed by Mother Nature’s fury.”

She added, “I got to experience how this city rides for its sports teams. Every body hated Ben Simmons to the Phillies at the World Series and NOW the Eagles at the Super Bowl !! This city embraced me, sharpened my forecasting skills, toughened this Jersey Girl up, tucked me under its wing and carried me through it all.”

Llarisa concluded by stating that her last day at the station would be Feb. 17, 2023. She also added that she would be “announcing her next move soon” but could not say what it was.

Fans may be disappointed to know that Llarisa has left CBS 3, but hopefully, soon, she will announce her new station. Congratulations to Llarisa on all of her success in Philadelphia!

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