What Did Yung Miami Say About Diddy’s Baby Mama Dana Tran and His Two Other Rumored Girlfriends?

In recent weeks, Sean “Diddy” Combs has also been making headlines with Yung Miami, his latest baby mama, Dana Tran, and a YouTuber named Shawntya Joseph.

No matter how many times they remind the world that they’re not in an official relationship, Yung Miami and Diddy continue to face flack whenever the latter is seen out and about with another woman. Recently, things have been particularly brutal for the City Girl.

This is because her Bad Boy not only fathered his seventh child with someone else (28-year-old Dana Tran) but has also been spending time with two other budding internet beauties. Around the same time he shared the news of little Love Sean Combs’ birth on Twitter, paparazzi caught him strolling through New York City with a YouTuber named Shawntya Joseph.

Not long after that, it seems Diddy took a mystery woman on a dinner date to Nobu. Once again, paps took photos that make it undeniably clear she had his attention. Internet sleuths have since identified her as podcast host Jade Ramey, who herself has over 1.1 million Instagram followers.

While all of these were happening, all the attention was on Yung Miami as many wanted to know how she would react.

What did Yung Miami say about Diddy’s baby mama and rumored girlfriends?

As the new father continues to make rounds with his roster, the heckling targeted at Miami has only increased. Initially, it was mostly Akademiks throwing shade, but now, randoms in her comment section have joined the chat. “Can we give Diddy the same energy he’s giving you?” one person asked Caresha.

“But [you’re] a City Girl, right?” they went on. “I get it, y’all got love for each other, but he’s making us City Girls look crazy. Likeee ain’t noooo way a real City Girl is letting a grandpa get one up on us.”

Shortly after seeing the comments, Miami reminded the internet for the thousandth time, “that’s not my man and he’s free to do what he want!”

“I’m not in a relationship,” the podcast host additionally explained. “My focus is building my brand right now! I been through a lot these past three [years]. I’m just having fun!”

In fact, amid all the drama, the mother of two has been busy on the set of her Caresha Please show. On Twitter last week, she revealed that a new episode will be dropping before the end of the month.

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