Amazing Orgasms Are Inherited From Parents – New Study Reveals

A study claims that women who experience amazing orgasms are reportedly inherited from their parents.

The study was initially conducted in 2005, but it received more attention after the release of the film ‘Good Luck to You, Leo Grande,” after the main character hires a sex worker to help her achieve her first orgasm.


St. Thomas Hospital and Keele University in London questioned 683 sets of identical twins and 714 sets of fraternal twins between the ages of 19 and 83, as the New York Post reported. 

Twenty-two percent of the participants said they never experienced an orgasm during sex, and 21 percent claimed they’ve never climaxed during a solo pleasuring session.

DNA Researchers said they wanted to find a different answer between identical and fraternal twins since identical twins shared the same DNA code.

They noted their answers varied based on the environment where they experienced an orgasm.

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