How To Fix Unequal Breast Size: 8 Ways To Make Your Breasts The Same, Even, Balanced In Sizes, Shape, And Position

Unequal breast size remedies: Here are 8 natural and artificial (medical) ways on how to fix one breast bigger than the other.

Uneven breast is a very common problem among teenage girls and women. Almost all women have one breast slightly bigger than the other. It is also known as breast size asymmetry and it can be defined as the difference in breast shape, size, and form.

The difference in the size of the breasts is not usually noticeable, but it becomes a problem when one of the breasts is a lot bigger than the other. The reason for uneven breasts can differ from woman to woman. Breast size asymmetry can lead to lower confidence in women.

The difference in breast size is usually caused by the fat layers, not the ducts that produce milk. Therefore, a mother with unequal breast size should be able to breastfeed as usual from both breasts. The amounts of milk produced should be the same for each breast. 

Because the difference in breast size is usually due to the fat layers, uneven breast size has no effect on the risk of breast cancer. If you have any concerns, you should discuss this with your doctor.

TheVibely has compiled some natural and artificial means to make one’s breast balanced. Note that there is no medical need for treatment for uneven breast size.

Points 1 to 3 are some natural means if you want to even out your breasts.

1. Breast massage

Breast massage is an effective method to decrease the difference between the breasts.  There are many types of massages you could try to even out the breasts. You can massage just the smaller one or both. In case, you are massaging both the breasts, massage the smaller breast more than the bigger one to reduce the difference. 

Begin by rubbing your palms together to warm it up. Use your right palm to massage your right breast and left palm for the left breast. Massage your breasts in a circular motion, applying slight pressure. You can use oil for this massage. Sesame or flaxseed oil will promote the growth of the breast.

2. Exercises

When you work out your whole body, it will also affect your breasts. The breasts are made of fat and breast tissues. Working out will help you to get perky and firm breasts. You can do upper body and chest exercises with or without dumbbells to get firmer breasts.

3. Use hot and cold water

This is another effective technique to even out the difference in breast size. The use of hot and cold water alternately will improve blood flow in the skin and this will, in turn, promote collagen production to keep the skin firm. All you have to do is pour slightly warm water over your smaller breast for one minute and then follow it with cold water for 30 seconds. You should let the warm water flow for more time as compared to the cold water. Repeat it about three times. You can do this after your shower every day.

Points 4 to 7 are the artificial treatment options to fix the imbalanced breast sizes and can improve the cosmetic appearance of the breasts:

4. Breast Surgery

Weigh the pros and cons of breast surgery. Getting a form of breast surgery is a permanent way to fix imbalanced breasts, but it does come with its share of risks. Surgery is an effective fix for breasts that are more than one cup size different.

  • Talk to your healthcare professional about breast surgery, as they will be able to guide you through your options, and help you to make an informed choice. You will talk about your medical history, your reasons for wanting surgery, and the possible procedures.
  • Make sure your doctor is certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has plenty of experience with the surgery you’d like done.
  • Scarring is an unavoidable risk that is involved with breast surgery.
  • Other risks include nipple sensitivity and a lower blood supply to the nipples.
  • If you are planning on breastfeeding in the future, talk to your surgeon about how the surgery will affect breastfeeding in the future. This will depend on if your milk ducts are cut during surgery, and how much breast milk you will be able to produce.
  • The recovery time for surgery is approximately 6 weeks.

5. External breast prosthesis

An external breast prosthesis is worn with a special bra. The prosthesis has a hollow on the inside where the smaller breast fits comfortably. They are filled with a skin-colored gel and feel just like a breast. The prosthesis can be matched to the size and shape of the other breast. 

The prosthesis can be held in place with tape that can be left on the skin for several days at a time. Some breast prostheses can be inserted into special pockets in swimsuits or activewear.

There is no health risk associated with the breast prosthesis as it is worn outside the body. 

6. Breast reduction

Surgery to reduce breast size is done as an operation under a general anesthetic (where you are put to sleep) by a plastic surgeon.

The plastic surgeon will reduce the size of your larger breast, to make it proportionate with your smaller breast. This works especially well if your breasts are evenly shaped but differently sized.

Breast reduction surgery usually takes 2-5 hours, and you can often go home on the same day provided that you have someone to support you. Women usually take 1-2 weeks off from work or school.

Breast reduction can affect milk production if breast tissue is removed. Nipple placement is also important to ensure future breastfeeding goes well. 

The most common immediate side effects of breast reduction surgery are feeling tired, breast pain, and scarring. Tiredness and pain will ease over the following weeks, and while the scarring will never fully disappear, it will slowly fade over time.

A breast lift is an additional option if you are getting a breast reduction. If your breasts are different in both size and shape, this surgery will modify your natural tissue into a shape that you find more aesthetically pleasing. Discuss all risks and benefits carefully with a plastic surgeon.

7. Breast implant

Breast implants are done as an operation under general anesthetic by a plastic surgeon. Pick breast implant surgery if you want to make your breasts bigger and balanced. Breast implants are either silicone gel-filled or saline-filled.

Implants are now filled with saline (saltwater), which is considered harmless to the body. Silicone implants are no longer used because of fears that small amounts of silicone could leak and damage the immune system. Breast enhancement should not cause any problems with breastfeeding. Most breast implant surgeries take 90 minutes, and usually, you can go home to recover on the same day.

The risks associated with breast implant surgery are the implants rupturing, having to undergo further surgeries because the implants don’t last, and the breast area hardening around the implant. Your surgeon will talk you through all of the associated risks and benefits, to help you make an informed choice. Discuss all risks and benefits carefully with a plastic surgeon.

8. Fat transfer argumentation

This surgery is when fat from a different area of your body is added to the smaller breast, to make it the same size as the other. This will help your breasts to look and feel more alike.

  • A fat transfer augmentation usually takes around 3 hours to complete, and you can go home on the same day provided that you have a support person. Women usually take up to 1 week off work after this surgery.
  • The risks associated with a fat transfer augmentation are the formation of lumps and cysts, or the fat graft not surviving. Your surgeon will run you through all of the possible risks of the surgery to give you the best information possible.
  • A fat transfer augmentation is considered a more natural option because it doesn’t use implants or silicone, but rather your own fat tissue, which will make your breasts feel more “normal”.

Bottom Line

  • It is quite common for breast size to be unequal during puberty. If they are different sizes near the end of puberty, they are likely to stay unequal. 
  • There is no medical need for treatment for unequal breast size. Unequal breasts won’t affect breastfeeding or increase breast cancer risk.
  • One can naturally make their breast even through exercising, breast massage, use of cold and hot water.
  • An external breast prothesis looks and feels realistic and has no associated health risks.
  • A breast reduction or breast implant are plastic surgery options that can improve cosmetic appearance.