10 Magical Ways And Places To Touch To Make Your Man Cry In Bed During Sex

Want to make your man cry? – The 10 secret pleasure triggers to get your man in the mood, make him scream your name and cry like a baby in bed while making love.

When it comes to bedroom plays between two adults, it has generally be known that the men should be the ones to trigger pleasure in their women.

However, this act can be done by both genders since you both have come to affection and wanting to get intimate.

Some women are much appreciated after s3xual intercourse by their lovers due to signs they displayed during the process. This tends to make the men shed tears if not in the act, immediately after it.

Why does a man cry after making love?

Are you still wondering why a man cries in bed? Here are a variety of reasons as listed below.

  • He is awestruck by the woman’s stunning beauty and alluring femininity, with whom he had made love in total submission.
  • The intercourse was so intense that tears of delight welled up in my eyes.
  • He’s never felt more loved, validated, and entirely accepted than in the moments he’s just spent merging body and spirit with the one he longs for so much.
  • He’s wanted for intimacy and friendship for so long, and it’s finally come true, and it’s not only more lovely than he could have imagined—just getting started.

When it comes to making a man cry in bed, there are many things you can do to make that happen. If you are looking to make things so hot during s3x that your man sheds tears of ecstasy, here’s a detailed guide on how to make a man cry in bed;

1. Surprise your man via text messaging, phone calls or face to face with naugthy converstaion

Initiate a s3x act. The first step is to have a raunchy conversation with him. This can be done face to face, on a phone convo, or via texting each other. Get creative and have a game plan. Before you ever see your spouse, try picturing the things you want to accomplish and you can choose to discuss them with him or make it a surprise.

At home, go shirtless and or bottomless. Unless he is not in a good mood, he can never resist the beautiful creation. If he falls for it and starts to be closer to you, remember not to do anything that will kill his vibes.

10 Magical Ways And Places To Touch To Make Your Man Cry In Bed During Sex

2. Take control and start kissing him

Most men need to feel dominated to become vocal and cry in bed during s3x. Dominating your man and taking control of a s3xual encounter will make him feel at ease, allowing him to be more outspoken without feeling self-conscious.

Don’t be afraid of being “Bad in Bed”: In controlling your s3xual encounters try and remove arbitrary judgments about what is good.

The second thing to do after successfully getting him in the mood is to plant light kisses from above his knees and work your way up increasing the pressure of your lips as you go. Remember that men like foreplay too.

10 Magical Ways And Places To Touch To Make Your Man Cry In Bed During Sex
couple kissing: Image source: everypixel.com

3. Give him a massage

Straddle him and give him a massage, replacing your hands with your mouth and tongue. This should make way for an interesting experience for him. Massage is a good way to make him cry; he will be turned on but can’t do anything yet. Oral play is a hot and kinky way; rim job is a good way to make him. This step will lead to the actual act.

Start having s3x in any time of the day at that moment, be it in the middle of the night, in the morning, afternoon, or dawn.

10 Magical Ways And Places To Touch To Make Your Man Cry In Bed During Sex

4. Call out his name often 

After trapping him and making him falls for it the next thing to do is to call out his name. Weirdly enough, one of the many things men like to hear during s3x is their name. Call out his name seductively when you like something sexual that he’s doing to you. Please remember the exact name of the person you are sleeping with oh. Before you call out someone else’s name.

10 Magical Ways And Places To Touch To Make Your Man Cry In Bed During Sex
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5. Talk to him using signs like moans

There is nothing as sexy as hearing each other moan, sigh, and demand what you want/how you want it. It guarantees equal pleasure for you both. Also, whispering naughty words in his ears can be a huge turn-on. Do with this information what you must. 

10 Magical Ways And Places To Touch To Make Your Man Cry In Bed During Sex

6. Play with his ears

Bite it playfully or just gently tug at it. Be warned not to bite him as if he is your enemy. You can also just moan or sigh in his ears.  The ears can be an erogenous zone so if you want the s3x to be memorable for him, you should do this. 

10 Magical Ways And Places To Touch To Make Your Man Cry In Bed During Sex
If you’re both not happy like this, we riot.

7. Give his neck attention

Start with slow kisses to let him know that you want him. Start from the base of his ears and work your way down. you can bite his neck softly as you inch down. Alternate between kisses and biting so he doesn’t know what’s coming next. 

8. Look for his sensitive spots

Try and locate your man’s most sensitive portion (erogenous zones). Most men have their feelings in their private areas but not all. It is up to you to start paying attention to your man’s other zones and places on his body. You can ask him when you get in a raunchy text messaging or a phone conversation as discussed in step 1 before getting to this stage.

If you want to know how to make a man cry in bed, you must be intentional about pleasing him sexually. 

Men have so many erogenous zones that don’t get love mostly because the men are too shy to ask their partners for that.

Some erogenous zones that will instantly make your man cry during s3x include caressing and pinching his nipples. Nipples are one of those spots to pay attention to it. Just do what he’d do to you. Touching behind his ears during sex, work your way to his neck, stroke his inner thigh, gently touch his perineum, kiss his belly button passionately, play with his anus, massage his thumb, pams, and fingers, play with the groin, behind the knee, licking his frenum.

Spotting these parts of your man will increase his pleasure desires while in the act of making love.

10 Magical Ways And Places To Touch To Make Your Man Cry In Bed During Sex

9. Try new temperatures

Introduce new things in the bedroom, like ice, candles made for the skin, food like whipped cream, etc.

10. Relax and lay on his chest

It won’t always go smoothly. S3x between two people who aren’t acting to make money can not be perfect. Relax, laugh, and make jokes. Just enjoy yourselves.

10 Magical Ways And Places To Touch To Make Your Man Cry In Bed During Sex

After applying the strategies described in this post, lie back and catch your breath in the arms of the man once you’ve finished. Give him kudos for how fantastic everything was and compliment him on his personality.

His endorphins and emotions will be in overdrive due to the intense buildup, pressing psychological triggers, and triggering pressure points.

This is where tears of joy and happiness can be shed; in some situations, men’s hormones might force them to cry uncontrollably.

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