3 Kids Of Steph Curry and His Wife Ayesha; Their Names, Ages, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth

NBA Star Steph Curry’s kids are so cute we can’t handle it.

Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry may be known to be one of greatest basketball players of our generation, — maybe even of all time — with four NBA championships and counting.

However, that is not the only thing he is known for: He is also a proud family man.

Steph and his wife Ayesha Curry are literal #couplegoals, and the pair are raising three beautiful children — Riley, Ryan, and Canon— together.

Let’s meet the kids now!

Steph Curry’s oldest daughter Riley was born in 2012.

steph curry kids riley

Riley Curry is Steph and Ayesha’s oldest, and she recently turned 10 on July 19, making her a sensitive and loyal Cancer.

Riley has been stealing the spotlight from her famous dad since she was a little girl, and it looks like she is following in his athletic footsteps.

Recently, Steph revealed in an interview with E! that she loves to play volleyball.

Ryan Curry is Steph and Ayesha’s second child and youngest girl.

riley curry steph curry daughter

Ryan turned 7 on July 11, 2022, making her a Cancer, just like her big sister.

In honor of her birthday, Ayesha posted the above picture on Instagram writing, “Our baby girl is 7! She is compassionate, headstrong, caring, smart, beyond loving, and certainly beats to her own drum! We love our little butterfly. [Steph Curry] and I are so proud.”

In an interview with E!, Steph mentioned that Ryan, “is still figuring out if sports is her thing or not. Obviously, there’s no right or wrong answer there.”

Canon Curry was born in 2018 and is Steph and Ayesha’s only boy.

steph curry son canon

Born on July 2, Canon is also a Cancer, just like his big sisters (… lots of emotions going on at the Curry household).

Steph posted an adorable video of Canon “working out” doing push-ups and sit-ups. Steph captioned the post, “Canon trying to show us up and be the hardest worker in the room this am! Questionable form but we will take it. Happy Wednesday.”

Overall, Steph takes pride in being a father, telling E! that his kids don’t much care about his basketball skills, saying, “When you’re at home you’re just Dad and that’s the best part about it… You get to watch them grow and blossom and find their personality and support them and have fun with them. They like my goofiness and the way you just show up at home more than anything.”

steph curry family

As for growing their family, Steph hasn’t ruled out having more kids with Ayesha yet.

“I guess you can never say we’re done unless you do something to fix that, but right now we are very happy and content with our family,” he told Entertainment Tonight, before adding, “We’re blessed to call the Bay Area home… Ayesha’s got so many roots set up here in the Bay, so this is home and we’re enjoying it.”

Steph and Ayesha Curry.

What are Steph Curry’s children’s net worth?

Collectively, the Curry Family has a combined fortune of $180 million today. Their source of revenue is from Basketball and entrepreneurship.

Stephen Curry is an American professional basketball player, brand endorser, and venture capital investor. As of this writing, Steph Curry’s net worth is estimated at $160 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. He was 11th in Forbes’ list of the World’s highest-paid athletes of 2021. According to CA Knowledge, Ayesha Curry has built a fortune of her own and has an estimated net worth of $20 million, and makes a salary of $2 million per year. Ayesha Curry is a Canadian-American actress, cookbook author, and cooking television personality. Their kids’ fortune is not known yet but all we can say is they’re also millionaires.

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