Pokimane Sparks Dating Rumors With Roy Dian – She Quickly Responds To Her Boyfriend Claims

Twitch star Pokimane has responded to speculation from fans after her latest TikTok video sparked rumors that she has a secret boyfriend.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is addressing rumors about her love life after fans noticed a “mystery guy” in one of her recent TikToks.

Pokimane has been highly secretive about her romantic prospects throughout her ten-year career as a Twitch streamer. Although she’s been linked to various other influencers here and there, nothing has ever been confirmed from Poki herself.

Last year, these rumors rose to a fever pitch after she invited a guy named “Kevin” onto her stream, causing fans to speculate that the two were secretly dating.


Pokimane’s new TikTok sparks boyfriend rumors

Poki never confirmed nor denied her possible romantic involvement with Kevin… but now, fans are focused on a different guy entirely.

On January 29, Pokimane uploaded a short clip to TikTok showing a glimpse of her daily life. In the video, she goes to a gym to work out, where she’s seen exercising with an unknown man.

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“First thing’s first, I go to the gym,” Anys narrates over the footage. “He lifts. I lift. It’s very heavy, and it hurts.”

Viewers were instantly tuned into the mysterious guy she was working out with, prompting one commenter to ask: “He lifts? Who he Poki? Who he?”

However, according to Pokimane, there’s absolutely nothing going on between them. In fact, the streamer says he’s just her personal trainer and is already in a committed relationship with someone else.

“Lmao it’s my trainer @roydian on Instagram!” she answered. “He has a very hot model girlfriend.”

Pokimane boyfriend response

It looks like Pokimane’s love life is still under wraps… and she says she plans on keeping it this way, claiming in a previous video that if she starts “clarifying certain assumptions involving me and other people, it kind of narrows down who I might see or might not.”

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