What Happened To DuckBoxing? Twitch Stream Ends In Disaster As Heater Explodes and Sparks Fly

A Twitch broadcast by streamer ‘DuckBoxing’ ended in disaster as the creator’s space heater sparked wildly before exploding and cutting the power to his whole house. 

One of the reasons fans love live broadcasting is because of its unpredictability, with literally anything imaginable a possibility. 

Recently, we’ve seen moments of hilarity on Twitch like Erobb being betrayed by his own body while digging a massive hole, to dangerous and scary moments like Adin Ross being swatted in his own home.

The unknown quality of Twitch streaming rang true again on November 15, when streamer DuckBoxing’s space heater exploded, leading to the stream cutting out and the power to his entire house being temporarily annihilated. 

While discussing purchasing new equipment, the space heater behind the streamer began sparking and omitting an ominous buzzing noise. 

Initially looking confused at the unknown sound, the streamer whirled around in his chair to find the source of the noise, only for the sparking to get crazier and the stream to abruptly cut out. (watch the stream here)

While some viewers were initially concerned that the streamer may have been hurt in the heater’s explosion, he returned briefly a few hours later and laughed his way through rewatches of the clip. 

Explaining that the heater “actually exploded,” he said: “I don’t know. Heater shorted out and then it blew a fuse to the house. I don’t know, maybe some water got in there or something? Maybe I sharted a little bit.”  (Watch the stream here)

Thankfully, the streamer wasn’t hurt by the incident and was able to look back on it with the same humor as his viewers. 

Just another day on Twitch. 

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