Twitch Hot Tub Streamer Raquel Banned For Sexual Content After Sitting On A Cupcake

Twitch streamer Raquel has had her account suspended for violating the platform’s community guidelines, after a rare hot tub stream.

The streamer, Raquel, who is partnered on Twitch and has been streaming sporadically since as early as 2016, went live with a hot tub stream on November 1. Raquel is usually a music streamer, one of the earlier music streamers on the platform.

Hot tub streaming is not at all discouraged by Twitch, as they even added an entire category for ‘Pools, hot tubs & beaches’ in 2021.

However, it does seem to have a higher rate of suspensions than most categories, typically due to the choice of attire or activities that take place. In this case, Raquel Lily clearly broke the rules somewhere.

The exact reason for the ban is unclear, with Raquel explaining that the ban notification was “vague”. While Twitch will tell streamers what rule they broke, the notification will not explain exactly how they broke it.

However, one clip from the stream, in particular, went viral, where Raquel, while wishing happy birthday to a viewer, repeatedly sits on a cupcake, before proceeding to eat it.

Raquel shared her ban email, which stated it was for “sexually suggestive conduct,” and theorized it was because of the “cake on cake” moment.

She also confirmed that the ban will last three days, at which time she will be able to return to the platform.

Speaking to Dexerto, Raquel confirmed that the whole hot tub stream was part of a promotion for her newest single, u up?, which is about being an “e-girl.” She also set up a fake OnlyFans account as part of the ruse.

“I’m being extremely calculated and intentional with all my marketing on this new single. I knew this was going to spark controversy and turn heads.” Raquel explained.

“I knew some people would get it and some people wouldn’t. Everything you see happening aligns with the theme and the satire of my song “u up?”, which is about partying on discord and becoming an e-girl.”

At the time of her ban, Raquel had just over 65,000 followers on Twitch, and she’ll be free to return to streaming and promoting her music in only a matter of days.

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