Famous YouTuber Big Daws Banned From Chase Center For Impersonating Klay Thompson To Sneak Into The NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors have banned a Klay Thompson look alike after he made his way on the court ahead of Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Impersonator Dawson Gurley was able to get through “five layers of security guards” who allegedly allowed him to pass through without showing identification. Once he made it to the court, he “shot around” for about ten minutes. Gurley posted a video on YouTube of himself entering the court without resistance from security staff. He also slammed the team for banning him and threatening to file trespassing charges if he returned to the Chase Center where the team plays.

“Technically, I did not trespass. I talked to security, went through metal detectors, and walked right into the building. They welcomed me with open arms. I also never claimed to be Klay,” he wrote on Twitter.

Gurley says he spent $10k on the tickets, which are nonrefundable, and questions why he should be banned due to security failing to do their job.

In a letter detailing the ban, the team said Gurley’s actions directly violated the NBA, Chase Center, and city and state laws. 

Despite the fallout, Gurley says he does not regret his actions because he got to be “an NBA player for 10 minutes.”

Watch the full video below:

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