Who Is IShowSpeed Dating Now? iShowSpeed Caught Allegedly Cheating On His Girlfriend Ermony Renee On Stream

YouTube Gaming streamer iShowSpeed was allegedly caught cheating by his girlfriend during a recent broadcast.

When it comes to YouTube Gaming, iShowSpeed is by far one of the biggest creators on the platform.

Over the last few months, the creator has been met with a bit of drama after he was kicked out of an amusement park, leaked KSI’s phone number, and was paid a visit by the local firefighters after he lit fireworks in his bedroom.

Now, Speed may be in trouble with his girlfriend as she allegedly found out he was cheating and confronted him during his broadcast.


iShowSpeed allegedly caught cheating

While streaming on July 11, iShowSpeed’s girlfriend walked into the room holding both of their phones.

As she sat down, she asked speed who it was that kept texting him, prompting him to get up and grab his phone from her.

His girlfriend noticed something inside his text message conversation and again asked who it was. Speed told her it was a person named Jordan, but she didn’t believe him.

“That is not Jordan. Bro, what are you saying? You’re cheating? What the f*ck is this? You’re sending Jordan d*ck pics?” she explained.

The YouTuber continued to tell his girlfriend that he was not cheating and that he didn’t send the mystery person pictures, but she proceeded to show his picture on the screen. Seconds later, Speed’s stream abruptly ended.

It’s unknown what happened after that, but the creator went on to stream the next day as if nothing happened.

Who Is Ishowspeed’ Girlfriend? About The Youtuber’s Love Life!

Ishowspeed has shared with his fans his girlfriend’s “dream.” She has appeared in several ishowspeed videos. On the internet, there are no public specifics concerning her private life.

Ishowspeed is a well-known YouTube player who is 17 years old. Darren has made his connection with his girlfriend Ermony Renee, also known as dream, known to the world. Her private affairs have been kept out of the spotlight. But most recently, he invited his admirer to participate in his film. Therefore, his relationship status has not changed.

Ishowspeed and his girlfriend Ermony Renee aka Dream

Ishowspeed is romantically connected with Ermony Renee, his better half. In 2021, the pair began to take their relationship seriously. Ishowspeed, a YouTuber, shocked his audience by introducing his better half, Ermoney, during a broadcast. The good news stunned everyone, but they nonetheless offered their congratulations to the new couple. Ermony is an Ohio native who graduated from Walnut Hills High School. Ishowspeed met her sweetheart in her UDF, and they were fast friends.

Renee is also known as Dream to Ishowspeed viewers. Ermony has made an appearance in a few of the YouTuber’s videos, but her worship practices are still hidden.

Ishowspeed, is a 17-year-old YouTuber. He stands at a height of 1.72 meters tall. His estimated height may fluctuate going forward as he continues to grow as a YouTuber. Ishowspeed and his better half don’t appear to have much of a height difference. But with Ermoney’s stature, there are no pleasantries available.

Ishowspeed is a youthful and well-known figure in online entertainment. The true name of Ishowspeed is Darren Watkins Jr. After all, he is well-known for going by the stage names speed or Ishowspeed. Darren produced many videos on his YouTube account under the alias Ishowspeed. His broadcast moniker is more well-known than his true name. The YouTuber, who goes by the moniker Ishowspeed, has a sizable fan base. He still appears in more online entertainment scenarios under a similar moniker.