IshowSpeed Net Worth Right Now: How Much Money Does Speed Make? Details On His YouTube Salary

How rich is IshowSpeed and how much money does he make on YouTube and other streaming platforms?

Darren Watkins Jr, known as IShowSpeed to his online community comprising millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and other social media platforms, has found fame for his gaming livestreams and eccentric personality.

The American YouTuber and streamer simply called Speed is known for his variety livestreams in which he primarily plays video games such as Valorant, NBA 2K, and Fortnite. Speed began taking YouTube content and streaming seriously in 2020, around the time the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Are you the type that thinks Speed is wasting his time online? Well, you have to know that he is fortunate to have found his talent and that is exactly what you see him portray online to millions.

Speedy is making millions online. His streams of income are insane. So, how much does IshowSpeed make from the internet, and how much is he worth now?

What is IshowSpeed’s Net Worth?

Darren Watkins Jr., popularly known as IShowSpeed or Speed, is an American YouTuber and social media personality with an estimated net worth of $12-14million as reported by SportsKeeda.

He makes his fortune from being an American gaming and reaction YouTuber, football athlete, hip-hop musician, occasional vlogger, and variety live-streamer.

How does IShowSpeed make his money? His sources of Income per Online Sources?

Speed makes a majority of his earnings from his YouTube channels and their subsequent revenue from AdSense. Apart from that Speed earns a decent amount from sponsorships as well as any tips and donations he may receive from his viewers while live streaming.

Speed has stated depending on the duration of his streams, he can earn anywhere between $75-$200 per upload. Per SportsKeeda, IShowSpeed earns an estimated $16,000 every month on average through revenue via AdSense.

Net Worth Spot estimates IShowSpeed earns an estimated $1.11 million per year from his channel’s AdSense factoring that he averages 8.43 million views a month, and around 614.38 thousand views a day. Based on the average amount of $3-$7 that is paid per thousand views, the IShowSpeed YouTube channel can generate an estimated $73,000 thousand a month and over $1 million a year in ad revenue.

IShowSpeed has estimated earnings of $500,000-$1 million as reported by various sources. Multiple sources also suggest Speed rakes in over $200,000 every year though this figure is not verified.

Other sources state Speed earns an average of somewhere near $2 million each year from YouTube alone.


How much money does IshowSpeed make on YouTube per Social Blade?

Social Blade reports that Speed’s YouTube account is the 257th most subscribed channel, and ranks 146th in the U.S. and 54th among gaming channels.

With close to 2,000 uploaded videos, and more than 14 million subscribers, IshowSpeed makes daily earnings of $902 to $14.4K, a weekly revenue of $6.3K to $101K, an income of $27K to $432.8K in a month and a salary of $324.6K to $5.2M in a year.

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