10 Fun Facts About Kwite (YouTuber): Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Girlfriend, Drama, Height, Coming Out, Wiki, Bio

Kwite is a famous Youtuber and social media influencer who gained massive popularity for his distinctive hoodie and medical mask-clad look while providing commentary on social media and its stars. He is embroiled in a controversy after he was accused of sexual assault.

He is making headlines everywhere on social media but not for good causes. Since Kwite Youtuber’s name has been involved in a sexual assault controversy, he is being criticized and backlashed by social media consumers.

Being a renowned personality, this story easily captivated the attention of the audience and led them to search for what are Kwite Youtuber Allegations. There are a lot of questions are being asked by the netizens. TheVibely.com has gathered some 10 interesting facts about the YouTuber.

Kwite With Glasses and Mask

1. Who is Kwite?

Kwite is a content creator on Youtube who makes commentary videos that are similar to Pyrocynical and WildSpartanz. His Youtube channel is with his name but it was previously known as The Central Carnage.

Kwite creates gaming skits. As of 2023, Kwite has garnered more than 2 million subscribers by just creating gaming skits.

He has also been known for his popular series where he buys subscriptions for celebrities’ OnlyFans accounts and describes what is on them. 

People mainly recognize him by his stage name Kwite but his real identity is Tyler Gadner Wirkz. Reportedly, Tyler Gadner Wirkz joined Youtube in 2012. Now it has been over a decade since he started making gaming skits. Thus, he has a huge fan base out there. Scroll down the page and read more details about him.

2. Why is Kwite famous?

Kwite is a famous social media personality known for his YouTube channel. Kwite started his YouTube channel on December 2, 2012. His original channel name was TheCentralCarnage, where he made gaming skits, and also made a house tour as well.

He has gained massive popularity for his distinctive hoodie and medical mask-clad look while providing commentary on social media and its stars. He has also been known for his popular series where he buys subscriptions for celebrities’ OnlyFans accounts and describes what is on them. 

He has frequently provided commentary on the social media doings of iDubbbzTV and Logan Paul on his YouTube channel.

All his older videos have been either private or removed entirely since. The oldest video by Kwite that is visible is “Why You Can’t Win Against a Content Cop“.

3. How old is Kwite?

Per Fandom, Tyler Gadner Wirkz, better known online as Kwite (formerly TheCentralCarnage), is 22 years old and was born on March 30, 2000, in the United States.

4. What are Kwite’s ethnicity and nationality?

In Episode 16 of the Loud Mouths podcast, he stated that he is Asian, and on his Twitch stream on August 17, 2022, he specified that he’s half Filipino and half American.

5. How tall is Kwite and what is his zodiac sign?

He is 5’5 (5 feet, and 5 inches tall). His zodiac sign is Aries.

He has a pet cat named Smoke.

He has referred to himself as a floating hoodie. 

6. What are Kwite’s sexuality and gender?

Kwite is openly bisexual. He also goes by any pronouns.

7. Why does Kwite wear a mask?

Kwite had previously worn a green hoodie but now wears a hoodie from his merch website. He wears a surgical mask and sunglasses and used to carry random objects in his videos. The reason for this anonymity is currently unknown, but in the past, FPS Diesel and BluesDank said it was because of acne.

He has a video with the title “Face Reveal” that canonically proves Kwite has no face ‘under the mask’. He says that the mask is a part of him and there is nothing else to see.

He is presumed to be located within a “Box” that whenever he speaks ill of it, gets angry. It also is said that he does not have legs and the legs that are seen in any videos with him in them are prosthetics. It is said that The Box changes form whenever they get into an argument, fight, etc.

8. Who is Kwite dating?

According to Kwite, he is in a romantic relationship with Springtrap from Five Nights at Freddy’s. He has hosted fanart competitions and given away free merchandise; the winner would be the discord member that drew the best KwiteTrap fanart. Some fans have gone as far as to draw mpreg (male pregnancy) fanart of Kwite, often with Springtrap as the ‘father’.

Kwite has an official discord server that hosts fanart events and general conversation for his fans. However, as of February 22, 2023, it is currently shut down by the moderators closing down channels to silence abuse allegations.

9. What is Kwite’s net worth?

Kwite is an American YouTuber who makes commentary videos. He has a current estimated net worth of $500K to $1 million. Most of his fortune is made from YouTube ads, sponsorships and partnerships with brands, and donations.

Per Social Blade, the Kwite YouTube channel generates earnings of $33 to $532 in a day, a revenue of $233 to $3.7K in a week, an income of $988 to $16K in a month, and a salary of $12K to $191.5K.

10. What are the allegation and drama involving Kwite?

Since Kwite gained traction, he has faced several allegations making him one of the most controversial YouTubers now. Some of his controversies include the Slazo allegations and Nyasputiin abuse.

Slazo allegations

On June 10, 2019, an ex-girlfriend of Slazo named Chey, posted a TwitLonger accusing Slazo of sexually abusing and manipulating her. The post garnered attention with people supporting Chey and wanting Slazo canceled, including Kwite. But on June 27, Slazo posted a video debunking most of the claims by Chey where she lied and took things out of context. Many people would forgive Slazo, but Kwite had said he wasn’t sure what to think of the video and needed to think it out before coming up with a final conclusion, but this post received mixed responses.

After the apology came out, people found that Kwite was part of a group of people trying to get Slazo ousted from the internet. Some of those people included Chey herself, ImAllexx, Weest, Squizzy, KingAni, etc. One leak posted was Kwite talking with Squizzy and Chey on Discord about posting a different version of the document. Many people would go after these creators including Kwite for their acts against Slazo and their grudges.

On July 29, Kwite posted a Twitlonger apologizing for his contributions to the group, saying he acted impulsive and bitter. He said he still supports Chey and Slazo, but still isn’t sure what his final thoughts are on the drama. Most of Kwite’s fans forgave him and liked how mature he acted.

Abuse allegations

In a recent post to Twitter, artist and writer Nyasputiin revealed that they were sexually abused by popular YouTuber Kwite (Tyler Gadner Wirkz). The content creator has amassed nearly two million followers over the years, and Nyasputiin has struggled to come forward with their story due to Kwite’s popularity.

According to the Twitlonger posed by Nyasputiin, they first began talking with Kwite when they had “less than 500 subscribers.” Nyasputiin was hoping to make art for the YouTuber, and since they were around the same age and both struggled with mental health issues, the two were quick to bond. Nyasputiin also reveals they had undiagnosed Autism and Borderline Personality Disorder at the time, which may have played a role in their relationship.

Nyasputiin goes on to say Kwite would yell at them, act passive-aggressively, and gaslight them about previous conversations. The two eventually began meeting in real life, and on their second meeting, Nyasputiin says Kwite sexually assaulted them in their own vehicle.

“At this time we were both on and off flirting and had discussed that if we were both single at this time we would take each others’ virginity,” reads Nyasputiin’s Twitlonger. “However, once he had come on to me in the back seat of my car, I started to get cold feet.”

“He, however, did not want to take no for an answer. In the back seat of my own car, he r-ped me, all the while I was telling him how it hurt and how I didn’t want to do this anymore. He kept telling me ‘this is what you wanted’ as he went, but soon got bored of it and got out.”

Based on Nyasputiin’s story, they are alleging Kwite sexually assaulted and sexually abused them. Nyasputiin also claims Kwite would dead name them and call them slurs. The post is wrapped up with a TLDR that states, “I was r-ped by Kwite, emotionally abused, deadnamed, called slurs and gaslit into silence for 6 years.”

Many of his fans already seem to be abandoning ship, as his numbers on Social Blade have dropped following the allegations.

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