Everything We Know About YouTuber Vagrant Holiday: Is He Alive or Dead and Where Is He Now?

The man behind Vagrant Holiday never showed his face to his viewers but he has mysteriously disappeared from the internet. Here’s why.

Although his real name and identity were never revealed, Vagrant Holiday is a thriving YouTube channel that was created in 2017.

Since he was not beholden to any sort of schedule, his viewers never knew when someone might up and quit posting things. They may make a big announcement toward that end, or they may just stop posting altogether.

The semi-popular internet personality had a little traction back in 2020. But all of a sudden, he just stopped posting videos without any warning. What happened to Vagrant Holiday? Several rumors surround his disappearance, each more wild than the last. Here’s what we know so far.

Vagrant Holiday never shows his face in his videos
Vagrant Holiday never shows his face in his videos

Who is Vagrant Holiday?

Vagrant Holiday is a travel YouTube channel consisting of a nameless/faceless YouTuber who travels the world.

The vacationer YouTuber posted about several unique vacation spots.

The unknown traveler took an interesting minimalist approach to his travel technique. This includes him sleeping outside (or finding locations to either trespass in) all while exploring the locations they go to in the cheapest way possible, all while retaining a Deadpan Snarker attitude throughout their adventures.

While airfare to international locations was likely a must, he mostly used cash to pay for some necessary expenses while camping out somewhere in the woods instead of staying at a hotel.

He even purposefully placed himself in precarious incidents while on his travels.

Created on December 17, 2017, the faceless YouTuber had no schedule for posting content on his channel.

The channel which has been untouched since 2020 has amassed 5,227,921 views and currently has 224K subscribers.

His About page on the channel reads “Vagrant Holiday is a side project done purely for fun. No profits made and no interest in making them. Don’t care about view counts. No release schedule. Go outside”.

Is Vagrant Holiday dead or alive? Rumors about Vagrant Holiday’s disappearance are completely absurd.

The answer to whether Vagrant Holiday is alive or dead remains unclear, however, there are no traces of his whereabouts.

The last video he posted came in May 2021, chronicling his vacation to Mexico. He begins this video by complaining about the state of international travel thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, suggesting that the video took place during lockdown when international travel was heavily restricted. The rest of his videos are reuploads of older vacations he’d taken years before his most recent post.

As of this writing, he has not posted any new content in over two years.

While he seemingly disappeared from his platform without an explanation, there are several rumors surrounding Vagrant Holiday’s social media blackout. On the r/Vagrant_Holiday subreddit, one user suggested that he retired from making videos to raise a family in South France with a woman who was featured in some of his videos. Another even suggested that he left his disappearance ambiguous on purpose to maintain the mysterious atmosphere of his videos.

Alleged footage of an assault rifle theft
Alleged footage of an assault rifle theft

However, there are some outlandish rumors surrounding his departure as well. One Redditor claimed that Vagrant Holiday was a key witness in the theft of an assault rifle, which was reportedly seen in one of his uploads in which he films a riot. Another suggested that he even might have died during his Mexico vacation, where he again placed himself in a dangerous situation.

There is no official report on where the YouTuber behind Vagrant Holiday is or what he’s up to.

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