Is Amouranth Dating After Divorce From Her Ex-Husband? The Streamer Shows Off A Possible New Boyfriend

Twitch star Amouranth went on a “first date” with a new guy in a live broadcast, marking a major shift since her separation from her abusive husband in October.

On October 15, popular Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa exposed her relationship with her husband in an explosive live broadcast that included a tense argument between the ex-couple.

During the stream, Amouranth revealed threatening text messages from her husband, alongside physical damage he had allegedly done to their home.

She and her husband separated shortly thereafter, with the streamer claiming her former partner is now seeking help — but if her latest broadcast is to be believed, it looks like she’s moving on to greener pastures.


Amouranth streams first date with new guy after split from husband

On November 20, Amouranth went live in a broadcast titled “FIRST DATE IRL WITH A GIGACHAD,” in which she went to a climbing gym with a new guy named ‘Aaron.’

After doing some climbing, the two got to know each other on-stream, with Aaron revealing he’s quite the globetrotter and likes to party. According to him, he’s 34 years old and has done bodybuilding in the past, alongside his current career as a personal trainer.

Unfortunately, he’s not much of a gamer, which prompted a little criticism from the chat (although he did mention wanting to buy God of War Ragnarok). He’s also a Scorpio, meaning both he and Amouranth (a Saggitarius) are fire signs.

For now, it’s not clear if the two are officially dating or not, although Amouranth did claim in a recent tweet that her ‘boyfriend’ is making his debut on her OnlyFans account – although she later clarified that she meant ‘background’ instead (watch her stream here)

Although Aaron seemed nervous at first, he eventually got a bit more comfortable on the stream and even took some photos of Amouranth with her fans at the climbing gym — but the jury’s still out on whether or not chat likes him, just yet.

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