Why Did VTuber Nyanners Leave VShojo? Her Exit Comes Shortly After Silvervale and Veibae Left The Org.

Popular VTuber ‘Nyanners’ has explained why she suddenly left VShojo after the exit of two of the organization’s top creators, Silvervale and Veibae.

VTubers are a steadily rising demographic of online entertainers that have taken the streaming world by storm. In fact, a number of VTubers are currently dominating as Twitch’s most-watched female broadcasters.

As such, it makes sense that VTubers generate a lot of buzz with their every move — and that’s exactly what happened when some of VShojo’s top talent suddenly decided to leave the agency last month.

In late April, several major VTubers left the organization, including names like Silvervale, Veibae, and later, Nyanners. All three creators have made the decision to become independent and will manage their own content for the foreseeable future.

Nyanners explains why she decided to leave VShojo

At the time, VShojo released a statement via Twitter claiming that Nyanners had decided not to renew her contract with them but didn’t offer any other information.

Now, fans have a better idea as to why she took her leave from the agency after she explained the situation during a recent broadcast.

“I guess what I can say about my decision …it was based on a number of things,” she said in a May 2 broadcast. “Not just about the content, although that was a factor. I can’t go into detail or talk about much, but it is something I considered very, very heavily for some time.”

“I just decided that it made more sense for me to be independent, overall,” she continued. “That’s the biggest reason, I guess. Being independent, being in charge of my own stuff, being solo so to speak, as opposed to being part of a group or a unit.”

Nyanners went on to clarify that she did not leave VShojo due to any relationship issues with other talents, nor was she influenced by Sivlervale and Veibae’s exits. “My decision was independent of theirs,” she explained.

It looks like other major VTubers from VShojo are also looking to leave the group, with star Kson recently admitting that she’d jump ship to another organization if offered a better contract.

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