What Is WillNeff Known For? Fans Convinced WillNeff Is Joining OTK After Comments From Fiance

Fans are convinced that WillNeff is leaving 100 Thieves to join OTK after on-stream comments from fiance Caroline Kwan.

Over the last few years, 100 Thieves content creator WillNeff has made a name for himself with a wide variety of content that includes his own streams and videos as well as the Fear& podcast alongside Twitch star Hasan.

He recently made his way from Los Angeles, California, to Austin, Texas, to hang out with several members of OTK, including Cyr, ExtraEmily, Mizkif, and more.

During a recent stream, Will’s fiance and Twitch streamer Caroline Kwan made a few comments that have fans convinced they’re joining OTK.

Fans think WillNeff is leaving 100T to join OTK

During a recent stream, Caroline mentioned that Will is considering his next move in life and that they enjoy the people down in Austin, where the members of OTK reside.

“As you all maybe have presumed, Will is kind of thinking about what his next moves are in life. And we really love the Austin people down there. We love doing content down there,” she said.

“Whatever the next move in life is, regardless, we will be spending a lot of time in Austin and making content with the great people down there.”

The clip has been uploaded to various channels on YouTube, with many convinced WillNeff will be joining OTK.

“Will, Caroline, Squeex, and Cinna, all new otk members confirmed,” one user said.

Another viewer responded: “Will is the perfect replacement for the void that Rich left behind. I hope he really joins OTK.”

“Cinna, Squeex, Will, Caroline, Knut, when he moves out there, man OTK about to stack up fr,” a third replied.

Whether or not WillNeff will ever join OTK is still up in the air — he is still a member of 100 Thieves, after all — but it wouldn’t be surprising to see him leave the LA-based content org.

Just in the last few months, popular content creators TinaKitten and Austinshow announced that they had left the org.

What is Willneff known for?

William “Will” Neff is an American Twitch streamer and YouTuber known for his variety livestreams widely ranging from “Just Chatting” content, gameplay, eSports-related events, and more.

Per Fandom, Willneff was born on September 14, 1989.

Will started streaming on Twitch in 2020. Alongside fellow streamer Austin and co-host Justa Minx, he has become fampus for the former’s Name Your Price game show. Will is also famous for creating his dating advice show Hey, Donna!

Will created his channel on May 10, 2020, and uploaded his first video onto the channel that same day. His content on YouTube regularly consists of highlights from his Twitch livestreams. He uploaded his first YouTube short on August 27, 2021, and joined the eSports organization 100 Thieves on November 2, 2021.

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