Are Natsumiii and BaboAbe In A Relationship? The Twitch Stars Are Married

Getting married can be a somewhat intimate affair with close friends and family, but Twitch stars Wendy ‘Natsumiii’ Luo and Abe ‘BaboAbe’ Chung invited everyone along. More than 60,000 fans tuned in for the big ceremony as they tied the knot live on stream.

Weddings are a very special day to share with friends and family. However, when you have a strict list and plenty to invite, it can be hard to get everyone there ⁠— especially if you have a large fandom like Twitch stars Natsumiii and BaboAbe.

Both prominent members of the OfflineTV and friends circle, their wedding was a big moment for everyone in the group. The duo also has a dedicated core of fans who wanted to share on the big day. So what better way than to stream it on Twitch?

Natsumiii told fans “you are all invited to our wedding” ahead of the big day, propping up a camera to share the moment.

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang had a big part to play in sharing the ceremony, carting the camera around as guests got prepared. 

He wasn’t the only big name in attendance. Dozens of OfflineTV family and friends, from Peter Park and Ludwig, to LilyPichu and Michael Reeves, were there making cameos on stream before the big moment.

The wedding took place in a regal hall in front of close friends and family. As Abe and Wendy stood on the altar exchanging vows, thousands were in chat sending their well-wishes to the newlywed couple.

The stream was a raging success as more than 60,000 viewers tuned in at the peak of the celebrations. The stream was turned off as the party started ⁠— after all, the reception should be a riot with all the names in attendance.

However, it allowed Natsumiii and Abe to share the moment with everyone special in their life, including their Twitch chat. 

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