Does Ludwig Have A Tattoo? Details On His Permanent Twitch Tat

Ludwig’s promise to get a tattoo during his charity stream has meant the YouTube star will now be getting a Twitch logo permanently inked on his palm thanks to fellow content creator Valkyrae.

On November 20, Ludwig held a 50-hour charity stream in a follow-up to his iconic Twitch subathon. This time around, the goal of Subathon 2.0 was to raise 300,000 dollars. As a way to incentivize his followers, Ludwig made a deal in the final hour of the broadcast. The top four donators got to suggest a tattoo, with the ideas then being voted on by everyone tuned in live. The highest-voted choice would then be something he tattoos on his palm.

“Alright here’s the situation. There’s an hour and some change left in the stream…The big goal is that at $300,000 I will allow the top four donators from now until then to have a suggestion for what I tattoo on my body,” said Ludwig. “Include in the donation what you would want to have tattooed on me. It’s gonna be on my palm. Maybe it’s a word, maybe it’s a small picture. Can’t be too big realistically”.

Ludwig then went on to add that “I’m gonna take all four of the top suggestions and then chat is going to vote on which one I tattoo on my body. Maybe it’s the Twitch logo, maybe it’s your Twitter.”

In the past, Ludwig got temporary tattoos on his body. Some were on his foot, face, and other parts of his body. He once took to his Instagram page to remind his followers that he has an ankle tattoo while announcing the launch of his merch.

Valkyrae donates and suggests the Twitch logo

Ludwig’s partner and fellow content creator QTCinderella was quick to donate and suggested that he get a tattoo of her on his palm. However, this wasn’t the only big donation from a fellow YouTuber. 

The biggest of them all was from Valkyrae. After donating $15,000, Ludwig called her on discord to chat about what tattoo idea she had in mind. Initially, Rae was confused and started laughing as she didn’t think she had to suggest an idea. When Ludwig explained the situation her first suggestion was that he get her YouTube handle tattooed on his palm.

However, she quickly changed her mind and decides that he should instead get the Twitch logo.

Ludwig jokingly told people to “stop donating” but the $300,000 milestone was soon achieved. For the final 10 minutes of the stream, Ludwig then opened up a poll with the four tattoo options. These included the Twitch logo as well as the “coots”  tattoo, “cracker”, and “Jerma Sus Face.”

xQc helps tip the balance in favor of the Twitch logo tattoo

The poll came down to a battle between the Twitch logo and the coots tattoo. And while there were over 15,000 people who donated, some foul play was involved. During his Twitch stream, xQc gathered his viewers, encouraging them all to vote for the Twitch logo in the poll. This move likely tipped the balance and was the reason for the option getting the most votes. (watch his Twitch stream here)

However, the final poll became inconclusive after Ludwig exited it prematurely. As a result, the content creator then decided that he “will get a tattoo that includes coots and a small Twitch logo.”

Ludwig then thanked everyone for donating and watching before ending the charity stream for good. Time will tell if Ludwig meets his end of the bargain and does get the Twitch logo tattoo that Valkyrae suggested.

Ludwig gets Twitch logo tattoo after Valkyrae dare on charity stream

Ludwig shared the process thus far on his YouTube stream, where the title states “PLEASE DONT SUE ME SUSAN”.

The final product can be seen in the paper in the background.

The final product can be seen in the paper in the background

He then posted the stencil of the permanent tattoo on Twitter, which serves as a base sketch before the full coloring goes in. The final colored-in tattoo can be seen in the background on the music stand.

“Getting the enemy tattooed on me live right now… don’t fire me, Susan,” he said in the post, referencing YouTube boss Susan Wojcicki.

“Greatest 10k of my life,” popular content creator Hasan ‘Hasanabi’ Piker commented on the Twitter post.

While he might be long gone from Twitch, the platform is now immortalized on Ludwig’s body — not just for the rest of his content creator days, but eternity.

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