Is Pokimane Pregnant? The Popular Streamer Reacts To Rumours Of Expecting A Child

Twitch star Pokimane is hitting back at viewers who constantly ask if she’s pregnant whenever she, or another woman, announces they have “exciting news” to share.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is the most-followed female streamer on Twitch, on top of being the site’s 9th most-followed broadcaster, overall.

As a result, her 9.2 million followers are certainly interested in her day-to-day life… but the streamer isn’t always happy to be asked a particular, deeply personal question.

Anys spoke out about this query during a recent live stream, where she hit out at a few viewers who always ask about whether or not she’s pregnant when she has “exciting news” to share.


Pokimane hits out at viewers who always ask if she’s pregnant

“You know, being a woman in her 20’s is weird, because any time you have exciting news, someone has to think it’s ’cause you’re pregnant,” she began. “You know, you’re gonna be so hyped about something, like a job promotion or whatever, and all of the sudden you gotta be thinking about babies.”

“And then you gotta be like, ‘Wait, should I be pregnant right now? I didn’t wanna think about babies right now!’ Stop! Thirties will be even worse? Stop! When does it stop? When you’re 50? What if I wanna be pregnant at 50, not 25? You know?”

“Every single time I mention any sort of announcement, news, anything exciting, there’s at least minimum three people that are like, ‘Pregnant? Are you pregnant?’ Like bro, not even my mom talks to me as much about this sh*t as some of y’all. It’s weird.”

At the time of writing, the median age of new mothers in the United States has risen to 30 years old, reportedly the highest on record in the country, according to the most recent statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Pokimane is just one of many women focusing on her career in her mid-twenties. The streamer has kept most information about her personal life — including her love life — private, but it looks like starting a family is off the table for now.

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