How Much Money Does Ludwig Make In A Day? Streamer Ludwig Reveals His Daily Income, Salary and How Makes Them

During a YouTube talk show with content creator Graham Stephan, Ludwig Aghren revealed how much he earns in a day and how he built his streaming career up from scratch.

Ludwig is considered one of the biggest names in the streaming community. Although fans have always known him as a streamer, he had many other career paths prior to his immense success as an influencer.

When invited onto a YouTube talk show, hosted by Graham Stephan, Ludwig shared his success story – growing from a broke college student to a streamer who earns $25,000 a day.

Ludwig’s previous career field

The popular streamer’s initial passion was actually in comedy, which Ludwig actively pursued in college. But he quickly realized that if he wanted to succeed as a comedian, he’d have to sacrifice his social life, mental well-being, and physical health.

“I thought I would do comedy, but turns out, it’s really hard to pay the bills,” Ludwig told Stephan.

Shortly after giving up comedy, Ludwig discovered streaming for the first time. He hosted a podcast with his roommate, Slime, on Twitch, where he began realizing his potential as a streaming personality.

“[The podcast] did pretty well, had like a couple of hundred viewers, so I started doing that and then it picked up a little bit,” he stated, reminiscing on the beginning of his streaming career.

It took some time for Ludwig’s streams to take flight. He held down various jobs to earn money and invest in himself. In LA, he worked for a magazine publication. Ludwig’s goal was to save up $10,000 while working in LA, so he could grow his own viable streaming business – but unfortunately, he got fired before reaching his savings goal.

But losing his stable income didn’t deter him.

Creating a routine to grind streaming

He found another job selling vapes at a vape company while balancing a consistent streaming schedule. During his spare time at work, he extensively studied streaming and planned out his own content. After getting home at six pm, he would begin his stream from seven to eleven PM.

“I was probably spending nine hours thinking about streaming a day, then four hours actually streaming,” Ludwig shared.

In other words, Ludwig grinded nonstop, both on-stream and off-stream. He dedicated his life to maximizing his content quality, examining successful streamers, and taking note of their strategies. This drive allowed his reach to steadily grow, eventually earning enough to hire employees to help grow his brand.

Expanding his business and allocating resources

Growing a streaming brand often requires managing a myriad of different variables. The sheer volume of work necessary can become overwhelming, which is why Ludwig hired his roommate to help. This was his first of many hires.

Ludwig salary
Mogul moves has 12 employees, and Mogul merch has 3 employees

Hiring his roommate, alongside other employees, allowed Ludwig to focus on creating quality content, snowballing his stream growth. In order to keep a steady flow of investments, Ludwig set himself to a relatively strict salary.

Ludwig now owns multiple companies, thereby creating multiple facets to continue investing in. Even now, the streamer invests and creates his own brands, increasing both his name recognition and value. Thanks to Ludwig’s consistency, drive, and mindset for growth, his streaming allowed him to create a company that earns a whopping $25,000 per day.

“Now my main motivator is I have 15 employees and if the company goes then they all lose their jobs,” he mentioned, chuckling softly.

Thanks to Ludwig’s consistency, drive, and mindset for growth, his streaming allowed him to create a company that earns a whopping $25,000 per day.

Although he streams exclusively on YouTube, Ludwig still keeps track of Twitch – his original streaming platform.

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