Why Is Smash pro Moist Aaron Banned On Twitch?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate pro Moist Aaron has been banned on Twitch for spamming phallic copypastas in chat.

Copypastas have become a major part of Twitch and internet culture with bizarre out-of-context quotes, images and more being prominent online.

Sometimes, however, those copypastas can be a little too much for Twitch and the ban hammer ends up coming down hard.

On September 10, Smash pro Aaron Wilhite was posting phallic ascii images in chat and was hit with a fairly long suspension.

Moist Aaron banned for phallic Twitch chat copypastas

Shortly after Aaron was banned on Twitch, the Diddy Kong main revealed that he was posting too much “random bullsh*t” in peoples’ chats.

He claimed to be posting ascii images as well, which is essentially art, but made up of characters that you can use in text or type on a keyboard.

“Guess Twitch is really cracking down on copypastas now,” Aaron suggested, noting how he was banned for seven days.

Some users pointed out that the ban length was the same for the streamer who had been caught having intercourse live on stream and didn’t feel that the Smash pro’s suspension should be as long.

For his part, however, Aaron seems to be taking the ban well, remarking how he can “at least comprehend” why he was temporarily suspended from Twitch.

Luckily for Wilhite, he appealed the suspension and Twitch decided to shorten the punishment to just four days, so he will be able to return to streaming early this week.

The ban comes as Aaron was coming off the highlight tournament win of his career at PAX West’s Almost Pro, besting fellow Moist Esports members Light and Kola in the process for a Moist podium sweep.

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