What Happened To Marz? Twitch Streamer Amouranth Fires Her Cameraman

Famous Twitch streamer Amouranth fires her cameraman following shocking revelations about her marriage.

Another week, another set of drama attached to a popular Twitch streamer. This time, we follow turbulent news surrounding Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, better known as “Amouranth” throughout her social media platforms. The 28-year-old content creator is best known for her ASMR and gaming content on Twitch. She is also active on OnlyFans and has been known to cosplay characters from different games and anime.

But as if to add fuel to the raging dumpster fire that is Twitch drama, Amouranth unveiled shocking details about her marital status. In mid-October 2022, she revealed on stream that she has been married for several years to an allegedly abusive husband. In her videos, she details several alleged text messages in which her husband verbally abuses and threatens Amouranth.

The reveal has already spread to the rest of her career. Days after the initial revelation, Amouranth had words about her cameraman.

Amouranth disusses Marz on Twitch
Amouranth discusses Marz on Twitch

What happened with Amouranth’s cameraman? The streamer experiences the fallout of her marital-status reveal.

Many details about Amouranth’s marriage have come to light since her initial stream. In several follow-up broadcasts, she has revealed how far the toxicity in her life has spread. As reported by outlets like Metro, Amouranth implied she was forced by her husband to create content targeting male viewers and was forbidden to reveal her marital status. She claims that issues were perpetuated by the actions of her cameraman and friend of eight years known as Marz.

In a recent stream, Amouranth alleged that Marz was aware of the abuse she was experiencing from her husband. The streamer accused her cameraman of being “out of line” in their relationship.

“He has known me longer than anyone on my staff, so I don’t like that he’s labeling other people as enablers,” Amouranth mentioned on stream. “Because he’s know about the situation for so long.”

According to Metro, Amouranth said that Marz contacted police during a fight between her and her husband, which she says exacerbated the argument.

The situation has since led Amouranth to cut ties with Marz and remove him from her staff completely. The separation comes as the streamer attempts to secure legal and emotional counsel following the accusations against her husband.

On his official Twitter, Marz responded to Amouranth’s statements in the midst of their separation, seemingly coming from a place of support.

He tweeted, “I’ve known Kait for close to, like, eight years now. I’m not some guy who just started working for her. I feel for Kait and I’m going to keep supporting her no matter what she chooses to do.”

Amouranth has since replied to his statement on Twitter simply saying, “Stop it.”

As of this writing, Amouranth is seemingly “free” of her husband’s control over her social media and content as she continues to pursue legal action.

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