What Happened To RSGloryAndGold? Runescape Community Mourns As Twitch Streamer RSGloryAndGold Dies Aged 69

Twitch streamer Tony ‘RSGloryAndGold’ Winchester has passed away at the age of 69, following a battle with brain cancer.

Winchester was best known for streaming to his audience on Twitch, where his channel has over 351,000 followers. He passed away on October 12.

The news of his passing was posted to the content creator’s Twitter page on October 14, stating: “Tony has passed away.”

RSGloryAndGold passes away aged 69

Just five days before his death, Tony announced that he was pre-paying for his funeral and set up a GoFundMe page for fans to support his family during this difficult time.

The fund will also cover the costs of his cremation.

It has a goal of $50,000 on the page and, at the time of writing, over $40,000 have been submitted across 1,300 donations.

In a message to his donators, RSGloryAndGold wrote on his GoFundMe: “Hi, my name is Tony Winchester. I am 68 years old. I have been diagnosed with brain cancer. I have two malignant tumors in separate areas of the brain, causing me to lose my eyesight, have severe headaches, and not be able to do what I love the most, which is streaming…

“I hope that I can count on your continued love and support through this tough time in my life. I can’t thank you enough for all of your support. I am a fighter and I am going to fight with everything I have, to beat this cancer. Don’t forget that I love you all and you have given me meaning and joy in my life.”

He has since passed away, prompting a flood of messages from within the Runescape community – a game he was primarily known for streaming – and others in the content creation space.

Twitter users send tributes to RSGloryAndGold

One fan of the streamer said: “Rest In peace, Tony… You were entertaining when I did tune in, and an even better person to many. The heavens will welcome you with open arms. Godspeed, you amazing man.”

Ethan Klein, host of the H3 Podcast, added: “Rest In Peace Tony, you will be missed my friend.”

Another user said: “Such sad news, he was a great man and made many people laugh and forget about their problems. Rest easy legend.”

“Rest tony, you fought hard in this battle. Thank you for inspiring others to do what they love no matter what society tells you. To the family of Tony, know he is sad as well to drift off to sleep. So grieve and hold on to love,” another remarked.

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