Where Does Emma Chamberlain Live Currently? Details On The YouTube Star’s Pricey New House

How much does Emma Chamberlain pay for her house, and where does she live currently? Details on the internet celebrity’s residence.

By now, you’ve most likely heard of 21-year-old YouTube star and internet sensation, Emma Chamberlain — she’s been featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan, is a regular Paris Fashion Week attendee, and started her own coffee company at the end of 2019. Emma is truly living the Gen Z dream and has accomplished more in the last three years than I ever will. 

From snagging countless brand deals to garnering almost 16.2 Instagram followers and starting her own coffee empire, it comes as no surprise that the young celeb has saved up quite a bit of cash.

In fact, Emma Chamberlain bought a new house when she was just 21 years old and as of today, she resides in a new home with her family. So, where does Emma Chamberlain live now?

Emma Chamberlain

Where does Emma Chamberlain live currently?

YouTube star and founder of Chamberlain Coffee, Emma now lives in Beverly Hills, a city in Los Angeles county, California. Chamberlain spent $4.3 million on a 1950s Benedict Canyon property, high in the mountains above Beverly Hills. She also just purchased a contemporary West Hollywood estate that has since been sold for a profit. The now-21-year-old is also the owner of two luxury homes.

Tucked away in the hills, Emma has bought this spectacular new mansion that has carved out serenity in the heart of Hollywood. Although Emma intended to design her dream home after selling off her West Hollywood mansion for $5.26 million, the 21-year-old Youtube star went on to buy a 1950’s beauty, i.e., La Benedict Canyon house—a zen paradise in the mountains.

Emma paid a hefty sum of $4.3 million to get a peaceful location in the heart of Los Angeles, away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

This new residence is an old property, which needs complete renovation before shifting. 

Until then, Emma is staying in a mid-century modern house, similar to her original West Hollywood house. Built-in 1962, this retro-influenced contemporary low-slung house spreads over 3,000 sq ft. Bedecked in lush greenery, it is designed so that the crystal clear glass walls can capture the bespoke L.A. sunsets.

A young girl, Emma, who left her high school in between, following her passion, started a Youtube channel in her teens. Knocking the forte herself, she has become a trendsetter in no time since people have started idolising this award-winning podcaster.

Once a school cheerleader, she is now cheering for her riches as she represents a French luxury fashion house, Louis Vuitton, and owns a coffee company, Chamberlain Coffee, with $7 million in funding. Apart from these onscreen possessions, Emma also possesses a phenomenal real estate portfolio.

Beverly Hills is a place to maintain your living standards, which Emma earned in her twenties. She has created a niche for herself as an influencer, making her fortune and finding her passion beyond the books. This young internet sensation surely knows the path to success, from being a podcaster and brand ambassador to being a real estate investor. She has earned a profit by selling her West Hollywood house in less than a year.

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