Inside The Love Life Of Josh Richards: Meet The TikTok Star’s New Girlfriend Gabriela Moura and Exes

Internet celebrity Josh Richards is currently in a relationship with his new girlfriend Gabriela Moura but dated a few women over the years.

Joshua Kenneth Richards is a Canadian social media personality, actor, and businessman. He has a following on several social media platforms and serves as the CEO of CrossCheck Studios

Richards, 21, rose to fame on the apps and TikTok and now has over 40 million followers across his social channels.

Richards is using his online success to invest in new ventures like Ellen’s Unhide blanket company, and Dog for Dog, a dog food company with Snoop Dogg.

He is a multimillionaire, a venture capitalist, and CEO of several start-ups.

He and his production company, CrossCheck Studios, recently struck a first-look deal with Amazon. Wow — talk about being booked and busy.

Looking at his works, Josh seems a busy man but fans now want to know more about his love life. Is he married or dating anyone right now and who has he ever dated?

Josh Richards at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards.

Is Josh Richards married or dating anyone?

Canadian media personality and actor Josh Richards has never been married, hence, he has no official or legal spouse or wife.

Also, he has never been engaged and has no partner or fiancee.

However, he has been in a few relationships with fellow influencers.

Josh Richards and Gabriela Moura at the 'Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse' premiere in May 2023.
Josh and Gabi at the ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ premiere in May 2023.

Who is Josh Richards’ new girlfriend Gabriela Moura?

Josh Richards is a busy man, but it seems he can spare some time to spend with his new girlfriend.

The TikToker and businessman is currently dating his new girlfriend Gabriela Moura.

Josh and Gabriela sparked dating rumors in May 2023 after they were spotted together attending and posing for photos at the red carpet premiere of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

The pair have also been posting TikToks together since April 2023.

During an April 2023 episode of the BFFS podcast, the Canadian confessed that Gabi is “100 percent” his type, adding that he “likes hanging out with her; she’s a really nice girl, she’s funny.”

Since then, Josh and Gabi have been inseparable; the two are frequently making appearances on each other’s TikTok accounts. Plus, the pair also attended the Barbie premiere and even vacationed in Hawaii together.

On July 25, 2023, Josh posted a TikTok with Gabi and confirmed they’re in a relationship: “We got our first package as a couple,” he captioned the video. Oh, so it’s official official… interesting.

“You know it’s getting kinda serious when both of our names are on a package,” Josh joked in the video before saying that he and Gabi were going to open it together “as a couple.” It didn’t turn out as planned, as the package contained swimsuits for Gabi — sorry Josh! However, that didn’t stop him from trying on a bikini top.

@amazonlive how did @joshrichards meet his new gf @gabimfnmoura all the way from brazil to la? they told us on their first #amazonlive ♬ original sound – Amazon Live

How did Josh Richards and Gabriela Moura meet?

Just like many other influencer couples, Gabi and Josh met online.

The new couple officially met in January 2023 at Josh’s birthday party when she visited Los Angeles for the first time.

In a September 2023 interview with Amazon Live, Gabi shared that Josh had slid into her DMs in 2021 and the duo had become friends which grew into a romance later.

Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett.
Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett.

Who did Josh Richards date?

Josh’s last public relationship was with TikTok star-turned-singer Nessa Barrett. They dated on and off for over a year before calling it quits in March 2021. Nessa then went on to date Josh’s best friend, Jaden Hossler, who was also the ex-boyfriend of her best friend at the time, Mads Lewis. Damn — talk about a messy situation!

Josh confirmed their breakup during an April 2021 episode of BFFS, stating, “I think me and Ness are, pretty much, 100 percent, for sure, never going to be together again. We’re definitely friends.”

For her part, Nessa reflected on their “very serious relationship” during an October 2022 episode of Call Her Daddy: “It was too serious for how young we were,” she shared. “He was a part of Sway at the time, too. I mean, those boys, they were blowing up. That was their prime when we started dating.”

The “madhouse” singer added, “It’s hard to resist some things, and I wouldn’t say that this is the truth, but how I felt at the time was that a lot of the good parts of our relationship was simply for views and content. It got really hard for me to process because I fall for people heavy, I get very attached. Seeing things a certain way, I couldn’t understand it.”

Josh Richards and Dixie D'Amelio
Josh Richards and Dixie D’Amelio

Josh Richards confirms he “hooked up” with Dixie D’Amelio

The TikTok star Richards confirmed his relationship with Dixie D’Amelio, admitting that he “hooked up” with the eldest D’Amelio sister.

This pairing was an unexpected one, leading to mixed reactions from fans who speculated that Noah Beck wasn’t happy about the situation either, owing to his activity on social media at the time.

Dixie and Josh were spotted hanging out together on several occasions, most notably sparking romance rumors after they attended the Super Bowl alongside Charli and Landon Barker for what appeared to be a double date.

Josh, however, shot down these rumors in an interview, saying he and Dixie were “just friends.” But months later, it seems he’s changed his tune, as told in a recent episode of the BFFs podcast, where he confirmed he “messed around” with Dixie D’Amelio.

Co-host Dave Portnoy brought up their rumored romance in an October 19 episode of the show, which came up during the latest season of The D’Amelio Show on Hulu.

“This is before you two were kind of even messing around,” Bri asked.

“This would be right during,” Josh said. “This was before February.”

“What do you mean, they were [messing around]?” Portnoy asked. “Is this breaking news?”

“I’m pretty sure that’s been said millions of times, no?” Josh retorted. The trio went back and forth for some time before coming to the conclusion that Josh had, at some point, confirmed that he and Dixie had gotten involved.

“Alright so, headline: Josh and Bri confirm that Josh was hooking up with Dixie back around the Super Bowl,” Portnoy posed.

“Okay,” Josh said.

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