Who Is Kyootbot? Twitch Streamer Kyootbot Thinks She Was Banned Over “Spicy” Link – About Peppers

Twitch streamer Kyootbot has explained why she believes she was banned on Twitch, claiming that the reason is far more innocent than it seems.

Kyootbot blew up on Twitch thanks to her speed dating streams, allowing viewers to call in for a dating session with her and attempt to win her over.

In July 2022, Kyootbot received her first Twitch ban over “attire sh*t,” presumably meaning she flouted the platform’s rules on appropriate clothing, outside of gym or hot tub streams.

Three months later, Kyootbot has been banned once again, this time claiming that it likely came as a result of a link on her page that took users to “spicy content” — but it’s not exactly what you think.

Kyootbot banned for “spicy content”

According to the email Kyootbot received, she was banned for “sexually suggestive conduct,” found in either her stream title or bio. Twitch rarely gets more specific than this though.

The streamer explained why she believes this happened, saying: “I think I got banned because of my ‘spicy content’ link on my page… which literally just leads to a screenshot of jalapeño peppers.”

As Twitch doesn’t comment on individual bans, it’s impossible to know whether this assessment from Kyootbot is 100% accurate, though it might make her reconsider having a “spicy content” link on her Twitch page at all.

As it’s only a temporary suspension, we shouldn’t expect to see Kyootbot away from Twitch for too long, but she’ll want to avoid getting any more bans and risking permanent removal.

Streamers being banned for “sexually suggestive conduct” isn’t anything new — one streamer was banned on October 19 when she was criticized for letting her hot tub stream go too far, while another woman had sex on stream and was unbanned after just 7 days.

Kyootbot on Twitch

Who is Kyootbot?

Kyootbot is an American social media star who has gained fame through her ‘kyootbot‘ named Twitch channel, recognized for creating content about dating.

Real name Kiana, better known by her online moniker Kyootbot, this 24-year-old is blending the hilarious world of trolling with the alluring appeal of Twitch’s most controversial niche: provocatively clad female-led content streams.

She grew up near the beaches of San Diego not too far from the Mexico border. Her middle-class upbringing was accentuated by the iron grip of her conservative, controlling father. He is a Navy veteran, and she recalls having to jump through hoops to get even a modicum of freedom though it was something she craved. The one place she could be free was online. 

Thanks in large part to the guiding force of her older sister, the young Kiana was introduced to the virtual world of video games and the internet. From Maple Story to Runescape, video games were less appealing as a medium and more as a source of connection. 

“All my friends played Maple Story. All two of them. I had a bunch of Maple Story boyfriends because I would pretend I was a teenager… I just loved to troll so much,” she said. “I was never really into video games as far as playing them. I think actually playing video games is less fun than actually socializing with people on them.” 

Kyootbot on a piano bench

She hosts a speed e-dating series on her Twitch channel where her audience of over 300,000 Cuties tune in to watch her lambast unsuspecting men with her quick wit and dry persona.

“I’m a woman in need of great attention and they like to come on my show and have a conversation with a girl because girls are mystical creatures,” she laughs during a phone interview with LIfewire. “If I saw a girl dressed the way I am, with speed dating viewers in the title, and guys on I would be like what is this? But once you actually watch it you start to understand that it’s all a comedy and it’s all deliberate.”

This persona is decades in the making perfectly tailored to excel in a niche she’s strategically cultivated for maximum success. With the stated goal of amassing an “army of simps,” Kiana has gleefully accepted her mission and is hoping to add thousands more to the fray.

She had the plan, she just needed the platform. So, she created it. Instead of conforming to Twitch, she bent the platform to fit her. She knew exactly what she wanted to do and how to get there. In less than two years, she’s amassed an audience most others could only dream of having. 

They say consistency is key, but for Kiana, it wasn’t consistency that proved beneficial. It was finding her voice and discovering the avenue for showing off who you are. A gifted satirist at heart this courageously sarcastic firebrand has nothing left to prove.

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