Why Is Streamer ClawOnTwitch Banned On Twitch?

Twitch streamer ClawOnTwitch has been banned from the platform, and his Twitter account has been deleted, following allegations from YouTube streamer Steven ‘Destiny’ Borell that he abused his partner.

Destiny had been discussing streamers based in Austin, Texas, and two people, in particular, he believed to be “schizophrenic” and “weird.”

He confirmed that one of the content creators he was referring was ClawOnTwitch.

Destiny claimed that ClawOnTwitch had threatened to “leak” things about him, and that he wasn’t concerned as he had nothing to hide. “If he’s going to keep vague posting [about] me, I’m going to keep posting recordings I have of him beating the sh*t out of his girlfriend.”

ClawOnTwitch banned following Destiny controversy

On his YouTube stream, Destiny then played a recording of what he alleges is ClawOnTwitch abusing an ex-partner. In the recording, a woman can be heard pleading “get off me”, and screaming.

Following the accusations made on social media, ClawOnTwitch spoke with Twitch streamer Chaeiry on her channel, joined by Sevinth – the partner who is apparently heard in the clip.

Chaeiry challenged Claw regarding “violence heard in that clip.” To which Claw responds, “you heard violence? You can hear violence? Are words assault to you?”

When asked if he knows what “violence sounds like,” Claw says “I have never been in a violent relationship, so no.” Claw also claimed that he and his partner engaged in “consensual violence.”

“Consensual violence is not violence. Consensual violence is a whole different topic,” Claw claimed. You can watch the conversation with Claw and Sevinth below – note, the video includes a discussion and description of domestic abuse.

Following this stream, Claw’s Twitch account was banned for “a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

Claw’s Twitter account is also no longer available.

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