9 Old Friends Of MrBeast Crew Who Quit Working For Him And Why They Shockingly Left

Marcus, Jake The Viking, Ty, Sneako, Jake Weddle, Turner, Garrett, Ethan, Nate Anderson, and other former crew members who stopped working for Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast) and the reasons why they left have been revealed.

What happened to the Old MrBeast crew? In this article, TheVibely would show you what actually happened to some of MrBeast’s old crew members like Marcus, Garrett, Jake, Ethan, and others who quit working for him and why they would not be in any of MrBeast’s videos in the future.

Some of MrBeast’s OG crew members don’t seem to be appearing in any of MrBeast’s recent videos. Did MrBeast fire them? Well, read till the end of this article for the honest answer to that query.

In order to give away that much cash on a regular basis, you need a big operation. MrBeast employs multiple video editors and writers to work with big-name brands on six-figure deals. According to Distractify, the MrBeast team is now made up of 30 people. But many of MrBeast’s team have left the brand due to one reason or the other.

MrBeast fired Marcus and found a replacement, Which led Marcus to rant on MrBeast since they decided to kick him out of the MrBeast crew. Jake decided to leave the MrBeast crew by taking a mutual decision and Garrett must have been replaced with Karl. Now the reason why Ethan might no longer be in MrBeast’s videos is that he is an editor for MrBeast.

Below are the exact reasons why some of the MrBeast crew (friends) are not appearing in his videos anymore:

1. Jake The Viking

Jake The Viking - former MrBeast crew member

On April 7, 2020, Jake The Viking announced that he left MrBeast and his group of YouTubers. He stated that he left only due to the restrictions of “free time” and that there is “no bad” blood between them.

Jake The Viking quit working for Jimmy Donaldson because according to him, he wants to be his own boss. In a video explaining his departure from the team, Jake spoke well of MrBeast and added he gave him money and had a good relationship with him. On what Jake is up to now, he disclosed he wants to be an independent content creator, travel, and take his swimming course seriously.

Jake The Viking has his personal YouTube channel growing quickly, as of February 2022, he has 1.34 million subscribers. His video addressing why he left has over 16 million views – his most-watched video so far.

2. Marcus

Marcus was one of the vibrant MrBeast crew members. He was accused MrBeast of being a racist however, reports suggest Mrbeast kicked him out because he was a drug addict and saying bad stuff to Mrbeast

Marcus - former MrBeast crew member

3. Matt Turner (MrBeast editor)

Turner was one of MrBeast’s video editors who has departed from working with the Beast team. He was mostly not featured in Jimmy’s videos.

When he left the team, he alleged that MrBeast was very rude to him and used to bullying some of his employees.

According to Turner, he was bullied, called mentally retarded, yelled at, and was always uncertain because MrBeast was replacing him with other people.

Turner who ranted on Twitter revealed that he had cried and was having mental breakdowns day after day. However, Turner revealed that Mr. Beast paid him huge sums of money before he left.

4. Sneako

Sneako also worked for MrBeast for a couple of months. According to him while explaining why he left, he revealed that his own ego did not permit him to work with his fan, Jimmy.

5. Garrett

Garrett was one of the MrBeast crew as he was featured in tons of videos but he hasn’t been in recent ones. Many fans of Jimmy have wondered about the whereabouts of Garrett. According to sources, he has let MrBeast and now works for CJ, the elder brother of MrBeast on his YouTube channel called MyBro.

Garrett- former MrBeast crew member

6. Jake Weddle

Weddle was first brought on board as a writer at MrBeast. He did stand-up comedy for eight years while at MrBeast.

Weddle’s first appearance was in the video “Standing Still for 24 Hours – Statue challenge”. After his first appearance, he was working as a full-time writer behind the scenes. He occasionally was a camera talent and director.

According to Jake Weddle, his writeups were finding it difficult to appeal to Jimmy’s huge following, and also he was stressing a lot and at the same time was still interested in doing his stand-up comedy talent.

Jake left the MrBeast brand mainly because he wanted to be independent and unearth the comic side of himself to the world.

Jake is doing well on his personal channel which has 47.8K subscribers.

7. Ethan Schriver

One of MrBeast’s editors was called Ethan. He was seen in most of Jimmy’s videos but not in recent ones. Unlike Jake Weddle, Marcus, and Jake The Viking who has come out to reveal why they left working with MrBeast, Ethan has not disclosed why he is not in Jimmy’s videos anymore.

However, it could be that since he is an editor, he might be tight working for MrBeast off camera.

Ethan - former MrBeast crew member

8. Ty

Ty - former MrBeast crew member

Tyler was also one person who appeared in most of MrBeast’s videos. He made his debut appearance as a guest and quickly became the fans’ favorite due to his personality.

He first appeared in “World’s Largest Bowl of Cereal” when MrBeast asked Chris to look for a random person to compete for cool cash. Ty after becoming friends with Jimmy also was featured in “Going Through the same drive-thru 1,00 times” and “$60,000 extreme Hide and Seek challenge”, and some other videos.

Ty was not fired nor did he leave Jimmy’s team. There is one thing to know, that is, Ty was not an official MrBeast crew member and at the moment, he is pursuing his dancing and music career.

9. Nate Anderson

The philanthropic YouTuber, MrBeast has been singled out for fostering a toxic work environment by 11 former employees, according to Times reports.

These reports came through the New York Times, through a recently published article that talks about the success of MrBeast in the business world, and where its editorial team spoke with some of his former employees in charge of editing his videos, which receive millions of views a day.

Nate Anderson, who resigned from the notable YouTube philanthropist’s team commented that Jimmy was a perfectionist, as well as making unreasonable demands almost all the time: “Nothing ever worked for him. He always wanted it in a certain way”, he noted.

Anderson uploaded a video after this on his personal YouTube channel titled “My Experience Editing for MrBeast (Worst Week of My Life),” which he had to delete shortly after due to that he was receiving death threats and hateful comments from MrBeast ‘s followers.


Anyways, the above information should answer everyone’s questions on why some of the MrBeast crew members’ aren’t in the crew anymore.

Watch a compilation of why Jimmy’s 5 old crew members quit working for him below:

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