Who Is ‘Prey’ Star Amber Midthunder Dating Now?

Who is Amber Midthunder’s boyfriend? The Hell or High Water star is reportedly in a relationship. Read on to find out more.

The latest sci-fi action movie to obsess over is called Prey. It dropped on Hulu on Aug. 5, 2022, and tells the story of a Comanche warrior in charge of protecting her tribe from certain death. An alien predator is on the move hunting humans for his own pleasure and enjoyment. It’s as creepy and cool as it sounds!

She has to do everything she can to keep herself and her people alive and take down the dangerous creature. Amber Midthunder is the lead actor in Prey playing the role of Naru. Who is she dating in real life?

 Amber Midthunder's boyfriend

Who is Amber Midthunder dating?

The character Amber plays in the movie Prey might be solely focused on surviving a terrifying alien attack, but in real life, she doesn’t have those same concerns. She’s actually able to focus on a little romance if she so chooses. According to 247 News Around the World, she’s in a relationship with a man named River Thomas.

The last time she posted a picture with River was in December 2021, though. She hasn’t uploaded any pictures with him since then. In the picture she posted at the end of last year, they are posing together on top of a car with spray paint bottles in their hands.

The purpose of the shot is to advertise for a brand called Products of My Environment. In October 2021, she posted a photo thread with River as well. In the series of intimate pictures, they seem to be incredibly affectionate with one another.

In one shot, they’re posing on a bridge in front of a sign that says “Toronto” with a Canadian symbol next to it. In another image, he’s giving her a piggyback ride. Aside from these pictures, Amber hasn’t shared much else about the relationship.

 Amber Midthunder

Here’s what else fans should know about Amber Midthunder.

It’s obvious that Prey is a big deal. It’s the newest prequel in the Predator franchise, and it’s also a great addition to Amber’s acting résumé. Prior to filming Prey though, she has acted in a few other big projects.

She plays Rosa Ortecho in Roswell, New Mexico. And she was Kerry Loudermilk in Legion. You might also recognize her from the 2016 western Hell or High Water. Amber takes her career seriously and clearly prepares herself for every single part she goes for.

When it comes to the preparation she underwent for Prey, she had a lot to say about that. She told Slash Film, “We did have a four-week training camp that we did in Calgary before we started shooting. But there’s so much happening in the movie that we were there every single day working with stunt people, working with personal trainers, working with weapons, and stuff like that.

“But at the same time, there’s nothing that really prepares you for a week in a mud pit, you know?”

Prey is available for streaming on Hulu now.

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