Andrea Ierovolino’s Fortune: What Is Andrea Ierovolino’s Net Worth Compared To Selena Gomez?

Film producer, Andrea Ierovolino may be dating Selena Gomez after they were spotted holding hold, but her net worth dwarfs his.

Jeff Mauro is an Italian-Canadian film producer and entrepreneur.


  • Profession: Film producer
  • Net worth: 5 million
  • Birthdate: Dec. 1, 1987
  • Birthplace: Cassino, Italy
  • Birth name: Andrea Iervolino
  • Father: Giovanni Iervolino
  • Mother: Sonia Iervolino

Considering how long she’s been in the spotlight, Selena Gomez has proven to be a remarkably well-adjusted celebrity. Although the public is fascinated by her romantic life, she’s been fairly open about her various struggles and relationships, and now, new evidence she may be engaged in a romantic relationship with Italian film producer Andrea Ierovolino.

What is Andrea Ierovolino’s net worth?

Andrea and Selena were spotted together swimming together on a yacht off the coast of Positano, Italy. The two were seen clasping hands and swimming together, leading many to assume that they were romantically involved.

The two first worked together on the 2016 film Dubious Battle, and were spotted spending time together in 2019 as well. Following the news that they may be in a relationship, many were naturally curious about what Andrea’s net worth might be.

Selena Gomez might be dating Andrea Ierovolino

Much of Andrea’s production work has taken place in Italian films. In America, he’s likely best known for his work on projects like Beyond the Edge and Finding Steve McQueen. While estimates of his net worth do vary to some degree, it’s clear he has accumulated a fair amount of wealth in the Italian film scene. Even with his millions, though, his net worth is dwarfed by his possible romantic partner.

Selena Gomez is worth almost $100 million.

While Andrea’s net worth is likely in the single-digit millions, Selena’s is more than $95 million according to reporting from Bustle. The star’s substantial net worth comes not just from her work as an actress on hit shows since she was quite young, but also from her career as a musician and from Rare Beauty, the cosmetics line she launched in 2020.

Selena has also worked as a producer through her production company July Moon Productions, and has had a hand in shows like 13 Reasons WhyOnly Murders in the Building and Selena + Chef. Although she’s just 30 years old, Selena is clearly pulling money from a wide variety of sources, and her diversified income streams are a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to explaining her incredible success.

Selena has not remarked publicly about who she’s dating.

Although a relationship with Andrea certainly seems possible, Selena has yet to acknowledge the relationship publicly. Although she is incredibly famous and has been candid about certain details of her personal life on social media, Selena has found a good balance between oversharing and being overly withholding. She seems to have it all figured out, and with a net worth like hers, there’s plenty of upside to what her life could look like moving forward.

What that ultimately means for the actress’s love life remains unclear. What does seem abundantly clear, though, is that whatever her next decision might be, she’s likely to be in the driver’s seat.

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