What Was Boogie B’s Cause Of Death? The Famous TikToker Dead At Age 43

TikTok comedian Brandon ‘Boogie B’ Montrell was tragically shot and killed after he was unfortunately caught in crossfire between two gunmen outside a Warehouse District grocery store in New Orleans.

Boogie B was a 43-year-old comedian who performed live stand-up and created skits on TikTok.

The content creator brought laughter to his hundreds of thousands of followers, but his career was brought to an abrupt end after he was shot and killed on December 23, 2022.

The TikTok comedian was on his way to buy groceries for his family in preparation for the holidays outside a Warehouse District grocery store when two gunman engaged in a shooting. New Orleans Police stated these two men were not aiming to kill Boogie B, and he was caught in the crossfire.

Boogie B was tragically killed while in his car. As of December 29, no arrests have been made. Investigations are still ongoing.

Boogie B took great pride in his city of origin, often creating content surrounding the city’s history and rich cultural background. He moved to Los Angeles for his career and was back visiting to see his mother and grandmother.

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Boogie B’s mother called out the city of New Orleans: “My son was not just the victim of a stray bullet. He’s the victim of decades of neglect that have left New Orleans’ youth with no hope for a future and with no real fear of consequences.

“It’s past time for leaders in our city and all over to do their jobs. It matters who the president is, who the governor is, and who the mayor is. Leaders create opportunities – including the opportunity to live in peace without fear of random violence.”

Tributes have poured out on social media for the star too, with many saying they’ll miss his interesting content and storytelling style.

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