Brian Taff’s Children: Who Is Brian Taff Married To? Meet The News Anchor’s Wife and Kids

News Anchor Brian Taff and His Wife Have Three Beautiful Children.

In December 2022, Philadelphia’s beloved news anchorJim Gardner, aired his final newscast with 6abc Action News. The 74-year-old journalist spent over 46 years with the news station and received a slew of well-wishes from fans who will miss his nightly updates. Jim’s successor, 6abc’s Brian Taff, also honored the host’s legacy via social media.

Brian, whom the station’s execs tapped as Jim’s replacement in early December, shared a heartfelt Facebook post about his friend and longtime colleague. However, Brian added that he was excited to take the next step as the new 6 p.m. anchor while maintaining his 4 p.m. timeslot.

The new role will be a significant challenge for Brian, but thankfully, he has a loving and supportive wife. Here’s what to know about Brian Taff’s wife and family!

Brian Taff posing as an anchor for '6ABC News'

Who is Brian Taff’s wife? The couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in 2022.

Brian’s career at 6abc began in 2009. When he started working for the esteemed news station, he had difficulty finding his groove in a new city. However, he felt confident he had met the woman he would marry — a creative producer named Mara Taff (née Webb).

(l-r): Brian Taff and his wife, Mara Taff.

Mara has multiple years of production experience and is currently The Beauty Counter’s executive director.

Brian and Mara met when she flashed a smile in his direction. He instantly became entranced with her and told a friend, “I think I met the girl I’m going to marry.” The couple married in New Jersey three years after his declaration on Aug. 25, 2012.

“Beyond having a feeling about our shared future from the moment I met her, I vividly recall feeling as though we’d already shared the past,” Brian wrote of his wife on Facebook on their anniversary in August 2022. “We came from towns a short drive apart. We liked the same music, had the same interests, drove the same car, and shared the same values. But, despite what we had in common, she challenged me in ways that made me probe the differences — arriving at a better understanding, and ultimately a better version, of myself in the process.”

Brian and Mara Taff have three children, including twins!

Brian and Mara began expanding their family shortly after they tied the knot. In 2014, the couple welcomed their twin sons — Brady Donavan and Sawyer Patrick (8). Then, in 2018, they had another bundle of joy, Charlie Thomas (4).

“As a dad, there is no greater feeling on Earth than that derived from swimming in the joy of family,” Brian wrote after announcing Charlie’s birth. “Today, I’m in very deep waters.”

Brian Taff, his wife, Mara, and their three children Brady, Sawyer, and Charlie.
Brian Taff, his wife, Mara, and their three children Brady, Sawyer, and Charlie.

Brian often shows how happy he is to be a dad on his socials. Fans of the news anchor have likely seen posts about him and Mara exposing their children to many Philly rights of passage, such as the city’s baseball team, the Philadelphia Phillies. Mara and Brian also shared their 10th anniversary with the kids in the Summer of 2022.

In a Sept. 30 Facebook post, Brian posted several snaps of him and his wife’s vow renewal ceremony. They brought their kids along to the beach to watch their parents profess their love to each other for the second time.

“Two weekends ago, my three young sons got to witness something that they weren’t alive to see when we first did it a decade ago: their mom and I saying the words ‘I do,’” Brian wrote on Facebook. “Vows, of course, are forever – but what a blessing it was to stand on that beautiful beach and reaffirm the promises we made to each other 10 (short) years ago.”

“And to have our three favorite little humans there to play a special role,” he continued. “Despite so much uncertainty in the world, what is constant sustains and motivates. Thanks to these four people, I’m one very lucky man.”

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