What Is Brittany Renner’s Net Worth and Why Is She Famous?

How much is Brittany Renner’s net worth? The former Jackson State soccer star has a son with her ex-boyfriend, PJ Washington.

Instagram model Brittany Renner’s child support rumours have resurfaced again after a bitter child support battle with NBA player PJ Washington.

The model appeared on DJ Akademiks’ podcast Off The Record to tell her side of the story following the couple’s public break-up earlier this summer.

Brittany Renner's net worth - Instagram model Brittany Renner
Instagram model Brittany RennerCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Who is Brittany Renner?

Brittany Renner, 29, is an Instagram model and former Jackson State soccer star.

She played at Jackson State University and won the SWAC championship in 2010.

The model has been romantically linked to multiple NBA stars and rappers, including James Harden, Jamal Murray, Ben Simmons, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown.

Renner recently made an appearance on the podcast Off the Record with DJ Akademiks once again on January 20, 2022.

During the conversation, Renner challenged the podcast host by asking him what he gets from asking women the types of questions he does.

“You did say that you warn guys about girls like me,” Renner said on the episode.

Renner wanted him to clarify what he meant about his comment.

“You’re not special you’re like other girls – you’re like other women,” the host said.

“So what makes you special?” Renner pushed back.

Spotify’s official Twitter account released the video snippet of the podcast to which Renner retweeted.

She began to trend on Twitter following the post with many defending Renner.

Brittany Renner and PJ Washington dated in the past but have since split
Brittany Renner and PJ Washington dated in the past but have since split. Credit: Instagram

Why did Brittany Renner and PJ Washington Split?

PJ Washington, 23, is a professional basketball player who is currently signed with the Charlotte Hornets.

Brittany and PJ reportedly started dating when the baller was an 18-year-old college stud in Kentucky.

Brittany and PJ welcomed a baby boy in May but confirmed their split in July on social media.

In a now-deleted tweet, PJ Washington wrote: “You was faking it all along.”

Fans thought this was referencing his relationship with Brittany.

While there wasn’t an official statement, the pair removed each other from their respective Instagram accounts following their public break-up.

What is Brittany Renner’s net worth?

On December 1, the model-mother took to Instagram, posting a lengthy caption along with a video explaining that she was financially struggling following her breakup with PJ Washington.

She revealed that she had moved into her mother’s home and did not have a car either.

According to Married Biography, Brittany Renner’s net worth is $500,000 this year.

She also reportedly charges $50,000 per sponsored Instagram post.

While opening up about her financial struggles following her breakup, she shared her side of the story on Instagram.

She wrote: “Can you imagine being 29 years old with a baby living back with your parent because you were kicked out of your house (I left willingly because I go where I’m celebrated not tolerated) with nowhere to go without a vehicle?

“Can you imagine NOT being mentally/physically/emotionally ready to get back in the gym let alone host a club after just having a baby but you have to work to take care of your child?”

The new mother also mentioned that she was not receiving the rumored child support amount.


What are the child support rumors surrounding Washington and Renner?

While none of the parties involved have commented or confirmed the subject, an outlet called Fight Script claims PJ would pay Renner $200,000 a month in child support for the next 18 years.

The tweet read: “PJ Washington is now forced to pay $200k/month in child support over the next 18 years. Ex-wife secretly filed for divorce 2 weeks after giving birth to child.”

After the outlet’s tweet, Twitter dragged PJ with memes and jokes about his misfortune.

One person jokingly wrote: “PJ Washington gon have to make a couple all star games and all nba teams to people able to make them child support payments… ?.”

Another person chimed in, saying: “BREAKING: Brittany Renner has signed the 18 year $43 million dollar super max contract with PJ Washington’s Bank Account.”

Meanwhile, some folks on Twitter showed remorse for the young hooper: “PJ Washington can’t even afford that level of child support for 18 years this is awful.”

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