10 Fun Facts About Charity Lawson: The Bachelor Star’s Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Parents, Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Wiki, Bio

Charity Lawson is a Bachelor season 27 contestant who has an impressive career in mental health therapy. Her biography explored below.

Season 27 of The Bachelor is winding down as lead Zach Shallcross is getting closer to hopefully finding his future wife. In the forthcoming Episode 8, Bachelor Nation will watch the next part of Zach’s journey as he meets the families of his final four ladies: Kaity Biggar, Gabi Elnicki, Ariel Frenkel, and Charity Lawson.

Although all four ladies are fan-favorites in their own right, many people — especially on social media — have gravitated toward Charity.

Charity has had an interesting ride this season with women disrespecting her to get time with Zach, battling demons from a past relationship, and being supportive of the ladies in their relationships. With that said, folks have minted the beauty not only to be a great contender for Zach’s heart but a good fit as the next Bachelorette, should her efforts to land the man go left.

Naturally, fans want to know the beauty inside and out, starting with her family. TheVibely has gathered 10 interestig things about Lawson including but not limited to her career, family and personal life and finances. So, let’s dive into her life.

Profile Summary

Real Name:Charity Lawson
Net Worth:$300K to $1 million
Profession:Child and Family Therapist
Famous for:Contestant on the 27th season of The Bachelor
Date of Birth:December 30, 1995
Age:27 years old (as of 2022)
Birthplace:Columbus, Georgia
Height:5 Feet 7 Inches
Husband/ Boyfriend:Unknown
Charity Lawson

1. Who is Charity Lawson?

Charity Lawson was competing for Zach Shallcross’s heart on Season 27 of The Bachelor and she’s made quite an impression on fans.

In the season premiere, we learned that while some of the women fall under the social-media-influencer umbrella (such as rumored villain Christina Mandrell), most have “normal” jobs such being as nurses, recruiters, and sales reps. Charity Lawson a therapist was among these real women who seem to legitimately be on the show for the right reasons.

How far does Charity make it on ‘The Bachelor’?

While most avid viewers of ‘The Bachelor Nation’ rooted Charity as their next Bachelorette, Zach got her evicted after visiting her family and hometown.

Hometowns on The Bachelor brought Zach up and down the East Coast and to Texas, to, in his purisut of narriowing down his final few women. Ultimatley, only three women could accompany Zach to Krabi, Thailand for overnight dates and Charity wasn’t one of them. Zach had sent Charity home during the rose ceremony.

Prior to her elimination, Reality Steve reported that, Charity sadly will be heartbroken when she gets eliminated before Fantasy Suite dates.


2. How old is Charity Lawson?

The Bachelor season 27 contestant was born on December 30, 1995 in the United States. This puts his age at 27 years old. About her zodiac sign, she is Capricorn.

How tall is Charity Lawson? The Bachelor Nation’ contestant stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters) tall.

3. Where did Charity Lawson go to school?

Per Charity’s LinkedIn page, Charity graduated from Alabama’s Auburn University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation and Disability. Two years later, she entered the university’s master’s degree program.

In May of 2022, Charity earned her Master of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Auburn University. On Instagram, Charity shared some gorgeous shots to commemorate the occasion along with some inspiring words.

“The joy that comes with obtaining a degree the second time around is so much sweeter when you gain confirmation that it is exactly one of the things God has called you to do,” part of her caption read.

“I get the great opportunity as a therapist to love people as Jesus loved,” she continued. “This field of work is so beautiful, and I’m passionate about always advocating for mental health in today’s society. One of the most powerful tools we as humans have is our minds, it’s important we treat it as such, and take care of it. I know for certain my growth will forever be evolving.”

Vickie and David Lawson

4. Where is Charity Lawson from?

According to Charity’s ABC bio, she hails from Columbus, Ga, which sits on the border of Georgia and Alabama along the Chattahoochee River. Per her Instagram, she appears to have grown up with her mother, father, sister, and brother.

As for her future family, Charity hopes that her one-day husband is “honest, loyal, and shares similar morals.” Based on her Instagram, Charity seems to be a devout Christian.

Charity's parents, Vickie and David E. Lawson
Charity’s parents, Vickie and David E. Lawson

5. Charity Lawson’s parents are David E. and Vickie Lawson from Georgia.

Charity’s father and mother are David and Vickie Lawson, who reside in Columbus, Ga., per their respective Facebook accounts.

According to David’s Facebook page, he is a Troy University graduate and hails from Montgomery, Ala. At this time, David works at Aflac, though his position is currently unknown.

Additionally, Gossip Next Door shares that he served in the military, although his ranking has not been disclosed.

As for Vickie, there aren’t many details about her education and work history. And since both David and Vickie have Instagram platforms that are private — along with limited information on their Facebook pages — it’s safe to assume that they prefer to stay out of the spotlight.

That said, from David and Vickie’s profile images, we can share that they have African-American ancestry.

Charity and her older brother Nehemiah

6. Charity Lawson has two siblings.

The Lawson’s are truly a beautiful family. Aside from the world getting to know Charity via The Bachelor, it appears that we may also learn a bit about her siblings.

According to Gossip Next Door, Charity is one of three children.

Charity has an older brother, Nehemiah, who currently works as a board-certified pediatric dentist at SouthPark Pediatric Dentistry with offices in the Carolinas, per his professional Instagram page.

As for Nehemiah’s Facebook page, the platform reveals that he attended Texas A&M University where he studied pediatric dentistry. Nehemiah currently resides in North Carolina.

Additionally, Nehemiah has a deep affinity for the arts and also works as an actor and singer in The Arte Charlotte, per his profile. Like his parents, Nehemiah has also chosen to keep his profile private, so that’s all the deets we have about him for now.

As for the oldest Lawson sibling, we have Charity’s sister, Amiyaka Lawson. Per Amiyaka’s Facebook page, she attended Baumholder American High School in Germany and Pemberton Township High School and furthered her education at Columbus State University.

As of writing, Amiyaka’s employment is currently unknown, but we assume she’s doing quite well for herself.

Charity and Amiyaka

7. Charity Lawson also has a promising career.

Charity is a shining example of #BlackGirlMagic.

Per her ABC bio, Charity “takes her name as a call to love and care for people, and she has built her life on that purpose.”

As of late, Charity has taken her talents to the Tri-County Children’s Advocacy Center in Dadeville, Ala., where she works as a child advocacy center therapist since July 2021. “I literally love what I do. It’s definitely rewarding,” she said. Per her LinkedIn, before accepting the role, Charity worked at the Muscogee County School District as a special education aide from October 2019 to July 2021.

Additionally, Charity interned at Auburn University’s Bravehearts Center for Place and Purpose which she describes as “an innovative and dynamic health and wellness program for young adults with moderate to severe disabilities.”

8. Who is Charity Lawson’s boyfriend?

Lawson is currently single and was among the 30 fabulous women competition their way out to find love in Hollywood actor Zach Shallcross.

Does Charity Lawson have a child? The reality star and therapist is not married, doesn’t have a boyfriend and does not have kids yet. However, she is young, wild and gorgeous and surely hopes to have a taste of what motherhood looks like in the future when she finds her Mr. Right.

Charity Lawson

9. What went down with Charity Lawson and her ex boyfriend?

The first time that we heard about Charity’s ex boyfriend was during her one-on-one in Estonia. During the night time portion of the date, Charity opened up to Zach telling him that her relationship before going on the show was emotionally abusive. She said, “I never honestly felt what it feels like… to be seen as a girlfriend.”

Charity continued, “It was a relationship that had several occurrences of infidelity… it became this vicious cycle of manipulation.” Charity actually went on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast and opened up even more about her ex and their on-again, off-again six year relationship.

During the episode, Charity told former Bachelorettes Becca and Michelle that they were high school sweethearts and that she thought that he was “her person.” Charity and her ex were on and off during college as well and got back together post undergrad. Charity explained, “It was just a really unhealthy relationship.” Charity ended things and finally stood up for herself.

Charity’s ex boyfriend came up even more during Zach and her hometown date. In a private conversation between Charity and her brother, Nehemiah, he asked Charity if she was ready to go through heartbreak again, because he didn’t think that she would be OK last time. We were all in tears.

So, who is Charity’s ex boyfriend anyway? We practically sleuthed the entire internet to find him, but sadly we came up short. He has (rightfully) been wiped from Charity’s Instagram, and we weren’t able to even find out his name.

Source: ABC

10. What is Charity Lawson’s net worth?

Charity Lawson is a mental health therapist and a reality star famous for staring in dating show ‘The Bachelor’. She currently has a net worth of $300,000 to $1 million. She worked in the Mint Julep Boutique.

Watch The Bachelor Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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