Who Is Kayy Kilo? DaBaby’s Former Female Artist Claims He’d Constantly Belittle Her & Put Her In Dangerous Situations

Kayy Kilo the former artist of rapper DaBaby has poured out disheartening treatments she was put in as she recalls her time under him: “It broke my soul when a gun was pulled on me,”.

Dababy’s former artist Kayy Kilo is opening up about her departure from the label, Billion Dollar Baby Ent. Kayy Kilo was the “First Lady” of the label, but according to her it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

On Instagram Live, she detailed multiple situations that made her question her involvement with Dababy and the label.

She said that she and fellow label artist, Stunna4Vegas, didn’t get along very well. She said that Dababy would always belittle her, with him even doing it before her very first Rolling Loud set.

"It Broke My Soul When A Gun Was Pulled On Me," - Kayy Kilo Recalls Her Time Under DaBaby

“My first Rolling Loud, maybe an hour or two before I went on stage, I was told that I was an ‘ain’t sh*t artist’. I was told that ‘I don’t work hard enough’. I was told that ‘I wasn’t good enough’,” Kayy said on live.

She then went on to say how it emotionally affected her. She tried to hold back her tears, but it obviously put a strain on her relationship with Dababy. Despite all of this, she said she never spoke down on him in public, even after she was in multiple dangerous situations.

“That sh*t broke my soul to be told that I was lazy, complacent, and I didn’t do sh*t as an artist on my first Rolling Loud. That sh*t f****d me up,” she said. “I still didn’t get on the internet. I never got on the internet. When a gun was pulled on me. I didn’t get on the internet. Nobody ever asked me was I okay. It’s hella sh*t I have went through. Police have pulled Draco’s to my face when I’m with y’all. I done got in shootouts with y’all. I never got on the internet.”

Kayy Kilo is now an independent artist and is trying to leave all the drama behind her. It seems like she was loyal to a fault! This is very messed up.

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