Who Is Danielle Zaslavsky? TikTok’s Caviar Queen’s Age, Parents, Husband, Family, Business, Bio, Wiki, and More

Step aside Emily Mariko, Danielle Zaslavsky is food TikTok’s newest obsession. Known for filming herself pairing and eating luxurious caviar with bread and crackers, the unexpected influencer has garnered quite the following in recent months.

In November, Danielle posted a video of herself preparing Siberian sturgeon caviar atop fitness bread, and it received a whopping 7.7 million views. Two weeks later, she posted another video of her and her husband trying white sturgeon caviar and caviar butter, which accumulated nearly three million views.

While the influencer posts other content in addition to caviar taste tests — like GRWMs, day-in-the-life vlogs, and fashion videos — the unconventional snacking videos are her biggest draw. So, who is Danielle Zaslavsky, and how did she become the face of caviar TikTok?

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Danielle Zaslavsky hails from a family that owns and operates a caviar business.

Caviar being Danielle’s snack of choice is no coincidence. The influencer’s family created the first “farm-to-spoon” caviar company, Marky’s Caviar, 39 years ago. In 1983, Mark Zaslavsky, a Russian immigrant, and Mark Gelman launched one of the United State’s only commercial caviar operations near the Florida panhandle.

Then in 2001, Zaslavsky opened Sturgeon Aquafarms in Bascom, Fla., the only legal farm in America that allows raising sturgeon species and beluga. Renowned for its sustainable model, Sturgeon Aquafarms facilitates an environment that helps endangered species thrive. So much so, Zaslavsky pledged to donate fertilized beluga eggs to strengthen the species after the U.S. government banned beluga imports in 2005.

But Sturgeon Aquafarms isn’t the only operation the Zaslavskys have going for them. In 2019, Marky’s On Madison came to fruition. Located in New York City’s swanky Upper East Side, the establishment is a retail store/restaurant selling gourmet caviar from Zaslavsky’s aqua farm. The cafe in the back of the store is called HŪSO. It’s America’s only caviar-tasting menu restaurant and is run by Top Chef Season 19 winner Buddha Lo.

Danielle Zaslavsky exclusively promotes her family’s caviar on social media.

Danielle is dedicated to the family business, and her consistent promotion of Marky’s Caviar products proves it. On TikTok and Instagram, the influencer hosts frequent giveaways of her family’s caviar and features a discount code for Marky’s Caviar at the top of her Linktree. She exclusively consumes her family’s brand when creating gourmet snack pairings on TikTok, often including #markyscaviar in her captions.

She also likes to support Chef Buddha Lo’s HŪSO caviar creations on social media, posting photos of her favorite tasting menu items from time to time.

Danielle Zaslavsky recently changed her legendary last name.

In August, the caviar queen gave up her family name when she tied the knot with Aloni Matzon. And the couple spared no expense when it came to the wedding festivities. New York City mayor Eric Adams officiated the couple’s civil union at the Gracie Mansion Conservancy. They had another ceremony several weeks later at Villa La Massa in Florence, Italy. After that, they traveled around Ireland before returning to the United States.

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