Did DashTheLith From TikTok Break Up With His Girlfriend For Giving Chris Brown A Lap Dance?

A man named DashTheLith from TikTok is going viral for breaking up with his girlfriend after she received a lap dance from Chris Brown during a concert, sparking debate on TikTok.

Chris Brown is currently in the middle of a tour across the US and Europe. While fans are certainly excited to see the ‘Privacy’ singer in person, his live concerts have sparked controversy on social media.

It seems that, during this tour, Breezy has decided to bring a random audience member on stage to participate in the performance by giving them a lap dance.

Recently Breezy went viral after he threw a fan’s phone into the crowd when she wouldn’t stop taking selfies as he gave her a lap dance on stage.

One of these lap dances broke up a relationship, and commenters are divided on whether or not it was the right course of action.

Man splits up with girlfriend for getting lap dance from Chris Brown

TikTok user ‘Dash’ bought his girlfriend front row tickets to see Chris Brown perform live. However, he wasn’t expecting his boo to get pulled up onstage, where she received a lap dance from Breezy.

His viral video recounting how he felt about the situation has racked up over 16 million views, with commenters urging him to part ways with his girlfriend.

@dashthelith Replying to @icespicecult___ do you guys think an update video is necessary? #chrisbrown ♬ ceilings – Sped Up Version – Lizzy McAlpine

It seems that’s exactly what the TikToker did, as he revealed he’d broken up with her in a follow-up video.

“Just to update everyone regarding the Chris Brown concert, I’m no longer with my girlfriend but she said she doesn’t think what she did was wrong,” Dash explained.

His decision to break up has caused quite a stir on TikTok, with some users saying his girlfriend was innocent, while others claimed she should have refused the lap dance.

“Celebrities are also real people, and very much so human,” one user wrote. “She knows it’s wrong, but in her mind she’s telling herself, ‘It’s Chris Brown.’”

“But if the roles were reversed, she’s having a six-part series,” another argued.

Commenters were divided after a TikToker broke up with his girlfriend for getting a lap dance from Chris Brown.

“I wouldn’t be mad, I would be jealous,” yet another commented.

“I don’t mind if my husband gets a lap dance from his celeb crush,” a commenter admitted. “Gotta let them live their lives, too.”

His recent update on the issue had him revealing he got into contact with the musician, adding that he sorted him out with a prize to console him. “Guys, it’s cool. Chris Brown apologised and bought me 60 rolls of toilet papers with $19.99”.

Sharing his latest update, he wrote “33p per roll thanks @chrisbrownofficial Dont miss out guys #CapCut #chrisbrown”

@dashthelith 33p per roll thanks @chrisbrownofficial Dont miss out guys #CapCut #chrisbrown ♬ Happy with you – Official Sound Studio

At the moment, it seems Dash is cool and won’t proceed to end his relationship with his girlfriend for giving the world star a lap dance in front of the wide audience – good news to him!

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