How Much Money Does David Dobrik Have? 80 Fun Facts About The Net Worth, Income Sources Of The Rich YouTuber

How much does David Dobrik make in a day, a week, a month, a year on YouTube? – Interesting facts about the 25-year-old YouTuber and leader of Vlog Squad.

Social media is helping people to forge unfathomable careers as they quickly become the next generation of entertainment stars — perhaps the greatest example of this is David Dobrik. This, of course, can provide a substantial financial return.

David Dobrik has become one of the biggest names on YouTube along with his group, known as “The Vlog Squad”. 

Since Vine has been taken down, lots of Viners like David and Logan Paul have shifted to YouTube. And they both have made a huge mark on YouTube.

After finding a lot of internet fame with his Vines, he soon moved over to YouTube, under pressure by his then-girlfriend Liza Koshy.

The 24-year-old is proof that an unrelenting work ethic and thirst for more can produce incredible results, especially when they’re partnered with a “by any means necessary” approach. From Vine to YouTube to TikTok, Dobrik is an instant success in any medium he decides to tackle next.

Since then, he’s carved a name out for himself as a prankster who often gives thousands of dollars and even to the cars like Lamborghini, I mean what?? Thanks to his sponsors SeatGeek. Sponsors have a great role in boosting David Dobrik’s net worth.

David Dobrik makes $2.7 million dollars in a year according to Social Blade from YouTube ads. He lives in a 6-bedroom mansion that costs $9.5 million dollars in San Fernando Valley’s Sherman Oaks, United States, and has luxurious car collections in his garage.

With that said, what is the net worth of David Dobrik in 2021 and what are his other streams of income?. If you’re curious to know, read until the end of the article.

How Much Money Does David Dobrik Have? 80 Fun Facts About The Net Worth, Income Sources Of The Rich YouTuber

Below are some interesting facts about YouTuber Carter Sharer;

David Dobrik Personal Life


The internet sensation was born in Slovakia and moved to Illinois in the United States when he was six years old.


It was 2013, at just 17-year-old, when he started his journey in content creation. Surrounding himself with others who shared his drive and penchant for entertainment, it wasn’t a question of if he was going to make it big — it was a question of when.


Real name David Julian Dobrik.


Born on July 23, 1996, in Kosice, Slovakia.


David Dobrik is 25-year-ol.


As being originally from Slovakia, David doesn’t have an American visa, so he can’t travel outside the USA.


He is being protected by DACA.


Although he can leave the country he wouldn’t be able to return to the US, only after 10 years.


So, his family shifted to the US when he was only 6 years old, he attended Vernon Hills School Illinois.

How Much Money Does David Dobrik Have? 80 Fun Facts About The Net Worth, Income Sources Of The Rich YouTuber

Who is David Dobrik dating? (family, wife, Girlfriends)


David has 3 siblings. One brother Toby Dobrik, two sisters’ names Sara Dobrik and Ester Dobrik.


His family rarely makes an appearance in his vlogs, because they live in Illinois, Chicago, while David lives in LA, California.


Even his sister Ester also had a YouTuber channel called “Simple Ester” and used to upload lip-sync videos on then musically now TikTok.


His family has a mixed ethnicity and has a Slovakian nationality.


They rarely make appearances in his vlogs, mostly due to the fact that they live in Illinois, while David lives in LA.


They frequently used to appear in David’s vine videos.


He dated YouTube fame, Liza Koshy, from 2015 to early 2018. They announced their break-up in Mid-2018.


In May 2019, he officially got married to Lorraine Nash.


Exactly a month later, he publicly announced that he and Lorraine had decided to end the marriage. With being a lot of rumors that he is dating his assistant Natalie. Some others include Madison beer and Addison Rae.

How Much Money Does David Dobrik Have? 80 Fun Facts About The Net Worth, Income Sources Of The Rich YouTuber

David Dobrik’s YouTube Career and awards


Dobrik started with the Vine app, then switching to YouTube in 2016 uploaded his first video.


He had collaborated with many other popular Viners like Zane & Heath, Liza KoshyJason Nash, and Gabbie Hanna.


He was also a part of another YouTube group named “Second Class”. In the next 2 years, he and his group garnered over 18,000 subscribers on this YouTube channel.


After being successful, the main content of his channel was usually comedy and real-life circumstances and other videos with Viners like Alex and Dom.


With now over 17.9 million subscribers and with over 7.4 billion views on the channel. His video would gain over 200 million views a month.


In the following year, he also created his second channel, “David Dobrik Too”. Here, he posts videos he doesn’t put in his main channel and some more of his sponsored post, deals, blooper, and challenge videos. As of now, this second YouTube channel has 7.89 million subscribers.


Completing the holy trinity of the modern-day content creation toolkit, he also streams on Twitch. Subscriptions and donations can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars for major figures on the platform, and that won’t be any different for Dobrik. He loves video games and frequently streams his sessions, giving fans a real-time experience of what it’s like to game with him.


He loves to be everywhere. There’s a lot of attention to be garnered across one platform, but if you really want to be prominent on the internet then you need to be active across many. Dobrik knows this and makes the most of it.


Not only is he on Snapchat and TikTok, but he’s also getting paid from both of the platforms. His inclusion in the $2 billion TikTok creator fund has been a source of contention and controversy, though he’s been able to take part in the Snapchat Spotlight initiative without large-scale criticism. Both can provide notable revenue for top creators.


In December 2018, Dobrik surpassed 10 million subscribers, so he received Diamond Play Button.


The same year he was named one of the “10 Social Media personalities Making the Most Noise” by Paper magazine.


He was the fifth most viewed creator channel in 2019, with 2.4 billion views in that year alone.


Also, in December 2019, one of Dobrik’s videos featuring a large-scale elephant’s toothpaste experiment was named the Number 1 Top Viral Video on TikTok, another short-form video-sharing app. It had amassed 17.5 million likes and 180 million views.


In addition to his video content, Dobrik has a podcast channel too. With being one of the few to start a podcast channel on YouTube.


He podcasts with fellow Youtuber Jason Nash, “VIEWS”. He usually posts the video of the podcast.


He was subsequently featured by The Verge as one of the YouTubers who were able to make podcasts work on YouTube despite the platform’s heavy emphasis on video content.


Dobrik has quite an obsession with polaroid photos, in January 2020, Dobrik launched his own mobile camera application, “David’s Disposable”, which allows users to create retro-looking photographs of their own on their phone.


The app itself is free, supported by advertisement, although you can pay a $1 subscription to get rid of advertisements. Photos can also be ordered directly from the app as prints. As of February 2020, the app surpassed over a million downloads.


His popularity has garnered a lot of success which is reflected in his many features and awards including the Choice Male Web Star at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards, he even hosted the whole event, crazy right? Hosting an award show and winning an award show at the same time. Named Sexiest heartthrob of 2019 by People Magazine.


Additionally, according to a survey by Piper Jaffray & Co., Dobrik was named the top influencer and personality to follow on social media by teenagers.


He also won the Male Social Star in Nickelodeon kids’ choice awards in 2019.

How Much Money Does David Dobrik Have? 80 Fun Facts About The Net Worth, Income Sources Of The Rich YouTuber
David Dobrik and Lisa Koshy.

David Dobrik Endorsements deals


Dobrik has a long time and constant endorsement with SeatGeek, famously giving away 10+ cars to his friends and strangers.


He has collaborated with many other brands like Chipotle, Electronic Arts, the Honey the app, and Warner Bros. SeatGeek’s ticket buying and selling app has helped Dobrik massively in making his channel tempting, for example; from surprising his friends with tickets to Super Bowl, gifting a dozen luxury vehicles to paying off a friend’s tuition fees.


A representative of SeatGeek said, “he genuinely likes working with brands, that’s why it works. Some people get skittish and think brand deals can be tiresome or lame. He likes it and has fun with it, and his approach inspires partners once a brand realizes he’s there to help their cause.”


However, when he spoke about the brands, he was quoted saying “I made the decision early on that, I would never pollute my main channel with a brand deal, where I didn’t use the money to actually make the video,” “My channel is so important to me that I’d never just do promotion and then say ‘Peace,’ and just cut to the rest of the video”.

How Much Money Does David Dobrik Have? 80 Fun Facts About The Net Worth, Income Sources Of The Rich YouTuber

David Dobrik controversies: YouTube Vlog Squad rape allegation


Recently David and his vlog squad have been surrounded by many controversies and allegations of misconduct, this was the beginning of the fall of David Dobrik from fame.


David Dobrik lost around 500k subscribers and overall 66 million views in one day, since the allegations. As a result of the sexual content and reports, YouTube deleted those videos, and also began to demonetize his channel.


However, Dobrik has been losing a lot of fans and losing sponsorships at a rapid rate after few allegations against him and his vlog squad.


A woman who appeared in one of the videos accused former Vlog Squad member Dominykas Zeglaitis, also known as “Durte Dom” of sexual assault. She put out an allegation of sexual misconduct on Durte Dom, in a 2018 video.


Seth Francois another member of the vlog squad also came with sexual misconduct, that he was tricked into kissing then-fellow vlog Squad member Jason Nash.


He claimed that Dobrik and Nash offered him compensation to post the video.


In the wake of the scandal, many brands, including his major sponsors, EA Sports, Doordash, Dollar Shave Club, took their sponsorship back. He also stepped down from his co-founded Dispo.


In a podcast by H3h3 production with Ethan, and Hila Klein, that aired on Feb 5, 2021, Nick Keswani also called Nick, a former member of Vlog Squad, shared similar thoughts. Nick has a rare form of disabilities of dwarfism, that has left him blind in one eye, and in many videos was mocked by the squad. He said on the podcast, “I felt worthless being in those videos. I was like, ‘Dude, why am I even, like, here? What’s the point in my existence? Because I was just treated like this punching bag.”


This also followed up a response from Trisha Paytas who on Feb 16, 2021, claimed on the same H3 podcast, that Dobrik hid in her room and filmed her while having sex with Jason Nash, her boyfriend at that time, without her consent and apparently, Jason knew about it. He titled the video “I SNUCK INTO THEIR HOTEL ROOM (SURPRISE),” though it’s still online and pulling in views.


On March 23, 2021, David uploaded a video on the matter, that he has made the distance from Dom and apologized for the behavior.

How does David Dobrik makes his money? (source of income and businesses)


Merchandise is an obvious avenue for creators to go down so you’ll not be surprised to know that Dobrik also leans heavily on this particular stream. You can purchase David Dobrik Merch on Fanjoy website. David posts a lot about his merch and is one of the important sources of his income.


Launching a “To the moon” line as a timely response to the recent GameStop and Dogecoin trends shows how effective his team is, no doubt he’ll have profited well from a trend he didn’t start.


Alongside his friend and frequent collaborator Jason Nash, Dobrik has made money from touring.


Podcasts, prior to the global health situation, began to follow in the footsteps of musical acts and comedians by taking their shows on the road. This is exactly what Dobrik and Nash did with their podcast. It’s a good opportunity to make money not only from ticket sales but in-venue merchandise transactions.


Dispo, previously known as David’s Disposables, is a mobile app that treats photos as disposables — adding a grainy, retro effect to the pictures users capture and delaying when they can view them. The venture raised $4m from an investment round led by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and charges for in-app purchases, this is where any revenue is generated.


Considering he’s big in online media, moving into other forms of content makes a whole heap of sense for Dobrik. Dodgeball Thunderdome is a game show on Discovery that’s hosted by the former Viner, which no doubt will see him paid handsomely for his involvement.


The movie business isn’t void of his presence either, you just have to look at his (albeit animated) appearance in 2019’s The Angry Birds Movie 2 as Axel to see a major company making use of his star power among young consumers.


In October 2020, his team filed a trademark for Doughbrik’s Pizza, meaning he’s one step closer to opening his own pizza place — not too dissimilar to MrBeast Burger.


Dobrik even has his own perfume, aptly named David’s Perfume. There have been two fragrances released so far, both of which are available for purchase online.


It’s clear that Dobrik’s view extends far beyond content. Considering he’s his own IP in the world of content, it’s hard to run this side of his business without being present. When running a perfume business, a merchandise store, or a pizza establishment under his name, other people can keep those ticking. That’s where the money will really be generated in the future for the internet star, so long as he launches great products and services and markets them well.

How Much Money Does David Dobrik Have? 80 Fun Facts About The Net Worth, Income Sources Of The Rich YouTuber

How much does make in a day, week, month, year? David Dobrik YouTube earnings (Social Blade)


David Dobrik makes an estimated daily YouTube revenue of $461 – $7.4K.


David Dobrik makes an estimated weekly YouTube revenue of $3.2K – $51.6K.


David Dobrik makes an estimated monthly YouTube revenue of $13.8K – $221K.


David Dobrik makes an estimated yearly YouTube revenue of $165.8K – $2.7m.

How Much Money Does David Dobrik Have? 80 Fun Facts About The Net Worth, Income Sources Of The Rich YouTuber

What is David Dobrik’s net worth in 2021? (estimated net worth, cars, house)


As to be expected with content creators, they’re rather secretive about how much money they’re worth. When it comes to top entertainers like Dobrik, though, it’s inarguable that he’s worth millions.


The estimated figure changes depending on the source, but there are reports his net worth being anywhere from $20m to $30m.


In an interview, he told that he used to make a lot more from his YouTube channel but since he makes a lot of content that doesn’t get monetize, his YouTuber earnings have gone down. But thanks to his sponsors and merch he has made a lot of money.


Due to David been penalized on YouTube, some sources also believe Dobrik’s net worth is estimated to be around $7 Million.


He lives in Los Angeles, CA, in a lavish $2.5 million dollar house.

How Much Money Does David Dobrik Have? 80 Fun Facts About The Net Worth, Income Sources Of The Rich YouTuber

David Dorbik’s social media accounts


On Instagram, David has 12.8 million followers.


On Facebook, David has more followers.


On Twitter, David has many followers.


On TikTok, he has 12.5 million followers.


On YouTube, David has 18.4 million subscribers with just 490 videos.


David is on Snapchat with the handle @DavidDobrik


David’s Vine account is @DavidDobrik


Musically you can follow David with the handle @DavidDobrik

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