Who Is Dedrick Royce, The TikTok Dad Rapper?

Dedrick Royce, the TikTok dad rapper, is captivating droves of new viewers every day – here’s everything we know about him.

If there’s one thing that TikTok is good for, it’s allowing any regular person to share their unique talents with millions of people worldwide at the press of a screen. TikTok has truly democratized the concept of fame across the board, including for those with musical talent.

Take Dedrick Royce for example, or how he’s commonly referred to on TikTok: the dad rapper. His skills as a wordsmith as well as his positive and infectious outlook on life have made him a bonafide star on the platform, but what do we know about him? Keep reading to find out!

Dedrick Royce
Dedrick Royce

Who is the TikTok dad rapper?

With nearly 100,000 followers and approaching a million likes on the platform, Dedrick Royce, AKA the TikTok dad rapper, is certainly getting a lot of attention on the platform. His non-offensive, family-friendly raps are appealing to a wide base of listeners and it seems as though he has some serious lyrical talent.

He has gained a lot of attention for his videos in which he duets another creator playing a certain instrument and then freestyle raps over it. To date, he has rapped alongside traditional drum solos, guitar strumming, and MIDI drum pads. His raps will certainly make you chuckle too, tackling topics such as parenting, mid-life crises, and all of the trimmings of being a dad.

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What that hook gonna be? @Franklin Embry on the beat @City Chief on the guitar #openhookchallenge #singers #rappers #dadrap #motivation #dadlife #bars #hiphop

♬ original sound – DAD

One of Dedrick’s most popular videos is his motivational rap song clip. In the post, which has been liked roughly 25,000 times, Dedrick discusses how tough moments in life can break us down as individuals, but then reminds listeners that he’s there to support them.

“And we both know that you could be amazing,” Dedrick raps, adding, “You don’t know me but I felt like I should say this.” Naturally, the comments are flooded with users thanking Dedrick for the inspiring and helpful words.

A resident of Nashville, Tn., Dedrick refers to himself as the “Midlife Crisis Crew CEO,” but seems to really enjoy his life despite the occasional self-deprecating humor.

Dedrick often posts videos of himself hanging out with his sons, as well as other random happenings around his family’s home and in his life in general. We don’t know much about his personal life outside of what he has shared, but given his ever-growing fame, that might very well change soon.

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