Does Liver King Use Steroids? A New Video Claims The Fitness Influencer Is Not Naturally Built

What happened to Liver King? Fans of Liver King get angry as a video suggests he has actually been taking steroids.

Can you really gain a physique like that of the Incredible Hulk naturally? According to Instagram fitness influencer Liver King (real name Brian Johnson), you sure can.

In his Instagram bio, he calls himself “the CEO of the Ancestral Lifestyle.” Liver King boasts over 1.7 million followers on Instagram, where he claims his ripped bod has resulted from intense workouts and a diet that mainly consists of raw meat and organs (think plates of testicles, hearts, etc.).

Liver King also promotes his nine tenets of ancestral living which include prioritizing sleep, getting enough sunlight, and moving your body.

But recent claims suggest that Liver King’s physique may not be simply the result of these disciplined practices. What’s going on? We’ve got the scoop.

Liver King

What happened to Liver King?

There’s been some recent controversy surrounding the internet-famous bodybuilder, as not everyone believes he is practicing what he preaches. In fact, when asked about Liver King, media personality Joe Rogan called him out for being fake on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience.

He claimed that his body was “not natural,” and “he’s got an a– full of steroids.” And as of late, there is finally some evidence that seems to back the theory that Liver King is just a con artist in disguise.

Leaked emails claim that Liver King is on steroids.

Fellow fitness influencer Derek, who runs the Youtube channel More Plates More Dates, has always been skeptical about Liver King’s fitness regimen. And on Nov. 28, he released a video on his page titled “The Liver King Lie,” which made some shocking claims about the bodybuilder.

In his video, Derek reveals the alleged steroid cycle that Liver King takes, which he says was leaked to him over email.

Derek claims that Liver King had previously reached out to a bodybuilding coach for help and listed all the substances he was taking, then asked that his information be kept confidential.

He also shared Liver King’s blood test results and his extremely specific social media strategy, which suggests that Liver King wanted to be famous no matter what it took and had no qualms about lying to the public.

The list of substances Liver King apparently wrote that he was taking includes IGF, CJC, Omnitrope, Decca, Winstrol, Test cyp, and more. Derek estimates that these cost him more than $10,000 a month.

instagram comment

In the comment section of the video, viewers weren’t all that shocked. “People who actually thought he was natty have never been weightlifting themselves,” wrote one user.

Another comment read, “Fantastic video. I can’t imagine this comes as a surprise for many people. I just feel bad for the people who believed him and who were sold on the idea that they could look like him if they ate certain foods and spent way too much money on his products.”

As of late, Liver King has not addressed the video’s accusations. However, he has remained active on social media, where followers have called him out for not only lying but scheming them through his baseless product line.

While there is no concrete evidence that Derek’s video is completely factual, things don’t look good for Liver King.

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