Who Is Drew Barrymore’s Partner? The Actress Says She Doesn’t “Need” Sex & Hasn’t Had A Relationship Since 2016

Drew Barrymore is an American actress, director, and producer. Barrymore currently hosts her own talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show, which is distributed by CBS. She’s interviewed a number of celebrities on the program since its debut in 2020, including Justin Long, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, Adam Sandler, and more.

Drew Barrymore has been in the spotlight for virtually her entire life, both in acting roles and in the tabloids, going all the way back to her memorable performance in the film E.T. when she was just six years old.

Since then, she made the often difficult transition into adult roles, but not without a few bumps along the road, and now she continues to work on both the big and small screen as well as in a variety of other fields, including her cosmetics line, clothing brand, and even her own signature wine. At the height of her career as a movie star, Barrymore was pulling in $15 million a picture, as she reportedly did for her role in the film Music and Lyrics.

Drew Barrymore’s fans were into her love life after she responded to an allegation that she hates sex. Drew Barrymore explained why she doesn’t “need” sex in a recent blog post. So who is Drew Barrymore dating now?

Drew Barrymore
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Who Is Drew Barrymore’s Partner?

As of today, Drew Barrymore seemed to be single and enjoying her life. She made the news on Monday (17 October 2022) when she opened up about her intimacy after a woman accused her of hating sex.

Drew Barrymore says that she hasn’t been in “an intimate relationship” since 2016, when she and her ex-husband, Will Kopelman, split up. Explaining in a blog post, she argued that physical intimacy doesn’t “mean” love.

“I have had the honor and a pleasure to actually work on myself and learn what parenting is, again something I was not exactly clear on growing up and I’ve had many learning curves thrown my way,” she wrote.

She continued: “I’ve been intimidated. I’ve been triumphant. I’ve been asked to be educated in every way I can be.”

Drew Barrymore

Barrymore added that her divorce has made her more “cautious” with regard to her personal life.

“I am just in a completely different place in my life and maybe in the near future I will get into a relationship… but it simply hasn’t been my priority,” Barrymore explained. “So I’m not a person who needs sex and has to go out there and engage with people on that level.”

“I am someone who is deeply committed to fostering how young girls, my daughters, and myself as a woman, are supposed to function in this world!” she added.

Barrymore clarified that she does not “hate sex” but instead has “finally come to the epiphany that love and sex are simply not the same thing.”

The ups and downs of Drew Barrymore’s personal life have been well documented and began when she was still a child, but her first marriage occurred for just two months in 1994 when she was 19 – to a Los Angeles bar owner named Jeremy Thomas.

In 1999 she met comedian Tom Green and married him the following year. They made cameo appearances in each other’s films, he in Charlie’s Angels and she in his directorial debut Freddy Got Fingered – but they were divorced in 2002.

In 2012 she married art consultant Will Kopelman, with whom she has two daughters – they divorced in 2016.

Check out Barrymore’s full blog post here.

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