Who Is Ed Matthews on TikTok Dating Now? Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wiki, Height, Bio, Key Facts, Etc

How much is Ed Matthews‘s net worth? The TikToker gained fame following controversies with other influencers.

TikTok has become the latest social media platform on which stars and influencers feud over short clips and entertain people with their beef.

The latest TikTok star on the rise is Ed Matthews and here is what you need to know about him and the beef he has with fellow TikTokers.

Ed Matthews

Who is Ed Matthews and why is he famous?

Ed Matthews, or @edmatthewstokky as he goes by on TikTok, is a YouTuber, and social media star, and works in the army. The TikToker went viral after his beef with Simple Simon, Cal The Dragon, and Astrid Wett was broadcast on the platform. 

The viral storm between the TikTokers initially occurred after a video surfaced of Matthews and Wett encountering each other at a rave, where he was described to be “dropping game” on the OnlyFans star.​​

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Careful how you say Astrid? @edmatthewstokky @astridwett69 #edmathews #astridwett #whp

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He then dropped Cal The Dragon into the mix, posting a photo on his Instagram with Astrid at the club and writing “@callum_the_dragon_official enough said bro”. 

Cal then responded to the photo with a TikTok video, saying “Astrid and Ed, now I see what you’re on about”, with a very disappointed tone in his voice. It is not clear whether Cal and Wett have dated before, but she has told fans she is just “friends” with the fellow TikToker. 

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Since then, Matthews and Wett have had beef of their own, as he accused the influencer of “using” Cal to make money in a recent TikTok live video. 

When the star isn’t broadcasting his beef with his fellow TikTokers, he co-runs a fitness company called HED Fitness LTD based in Brentwood, Essex.

Ed Matthews Key Facts:

  • Real Name: Ed Matthews
  • Age: 19
  • DoB: Currently unknown
  • Nationality: British
  • Net Worth: $500K – $1 Million
  • TikTok Followers: 534.6K
  • Instagram Followers: 234K

All numbers correct as of 7th February 2022.

Ed Matthews’ Net Worth: How much does Ed Matthews earn?

Currently, Ed Matthews’ net worth is within $500K to $1 million.

Matthews has stated in his bio that he is in the army, making the average salary for his line of work to be estimated between £15,985-£53,975, depending on his role and expertise, according to the British Army

As for his fitness instructing role, freelance personal trainers can earn between £20-£40 on average, according to Prospects.

How old is Ed Matthews?

Ed Matthews is 19 years old, according to his TikTok bio. 

His date of birth, however, is still currently unknown. 

Who is Ed Matthews’ girlfriend?

Ed Matthews does not appear to be dating anyone currently or has decided to keep this information private if he is. 

However, Matthews often showcases his flirting skills on his social media channel, posting flirty videos with girls on holiday in an attempt to get their numbers.

2 Key Facts about Ed Matthews:

Not only is Ed Matthews a keen social media star, but he is also just as active at the gym, and made a name for himself among popular YouTubers, too. 

1. He is proud of his 3-year transformation:

Ed Matthews is no stranger to sharing his gym journey, but he’s especially proud of his three-year transformation in which he shared how he put on more muscle.

2. Memeulous has made a video about him

Ed Matthews has also reached the world of YouTube stars, with memeulous criticising the TikToker about his dating “game”. 

The YouTuber said of Matthews and anyone following his dating advice: “Here’s a pro-tip for anyone over the age of 18, don’t ask for a girl’s snapchat, it’s the equivalent of asking for a BBM pin”. 

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