How Many Kids Does Eminem Have and How Old Are They Now? Meet Hailie Jade, Alaina Marie, and Stevie Lain

Eminem has only one biological daughter with his ex-wife Kim Scott, and two other adopted daughters. Read on to find out more.

Eminem might seem scary on the outside, but he has a soft spot when it comes to his children.

The rapper has never tried to hide his troubled upbringing and has always tried to do his best to make sure his children have a better life.

Eminem is a father to three daughters. Credit: Getty

How many children does Eminem have?

Eminem is a father to three children. The raper has only one biological daughter with his ex-wife Kim Scott, and two other adopted daughters.

Those children include:

Hailie Jade Scott Mathers

Hailie is Eminem’s biological daughter. Credit: hailiejade/Instagram

Hailie, 26, is Eminem’s biological daughter with Kim Scott.

Eminem has called her his “proudest achievement” and expressed his pride after graduating with a psychology degree from Michigan State University.

She’s also been the inspiration for many of Eminem’s tracks, most explicitly, Hailie’s Song, in which he says she kept him from going “crazy”.

The lyrics include: “My baby girl (girl) (Hailie laughs) keeps gettin’ older (der) / I watch her grow up with pride”.

Her vocals are featured in the track My Dad’s Gone Crazy.

Alaina Marie Mathers

Alaina is the daughter of Dawn Scott. Credit: Instagram

Alaina, 28, was adopted by Eminem.

Alaina is the daughter of Dawn Scott, the sister of Kim.

He told Rolling Stone: “my niece has been a part of my life ever since she was born.

“Me and Kim pretty much had her, she’d live with us wherever we was at.”

Dawn suffered from substance addiction and passed away in 2016.

Stevie Lain Mathers

Stevie is the youngest of the daughters. Credit: Stevie Laine/TikTok

Born Whitney Scott, 19, Eminem’s youngest adoptive daughter came out as nonbinary in August of 2021.

They also changed their name to Stevie Laine and started using the pronouns they/she/he.

This comes after they came out as bisexual in 2017.

Stevie is the daughter of Kim and Eric Hartter who reportedly took off.

“forever growing and changing <3 #greenscreen #genderfluid #bi #life,” they captioned their coming-out photo.

Kim got pregnant with Stevie between her two marriages to Eminem.

They revealed that when deciding on a new name, Stevie, was the first one they felt comfortable with.

In his song Going Through Changes, Eminem raps: “Hailie, this one is for you, Whitney and Alaina too / I still love your mother, that’ll never change.”

Why was Eminem’s ex-wife rushed to the hospital?

On August 11, 2021, TMZ reported that cops rushed to the home of Kim on July 30 after they received reports of a suicidal person.

Once police arrived on the scene, Kim was allegedly combative and had to be retrained by deputies.

She was then rushed to the hospital for both a medical and psychological evaluation.

This was Kim’s second reported suicide attempt, the first dating back to October of 2015.

It was reported that Kim was grieving the loss of her mother just days before the second attempt.

Why did Eminem adopt his daughters?

Despite Eminem’s own troubled upbringing without a father figure, he’s always been protective and caring of his children.

He adopted Alaina and Stevie because they both lacked father figures and because they were related to Kim, his ex-wife.

Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Jade Recalls “Surreal” Childhood Experiences With Famous Father

On her “Just a Little Shady” podcast, Hailie talks about some of the “cool” things she and her friends were able to do with her superstar dad.

Days after announcing her podcast, Hailie Jade Mathers launched Just a Little Shady. There have been rumors about Eminem’s daughter expanding her business ventures into cosmetics and fashion, but first, she shared that her podcast would be making an arrival. It didn’t take long for Eminem’s fans to jump online with questions about whether or not Slim Shady himself would be making an appearance, but for the premiere episode at least, Hailie spoke openly about growing up with a father in the limelight.

Hailie’s podcast co-host is her childhood best friend Brittany Ednie, and they recalled Em’s little girl inviting Brittany to tag along onto the Rap icon’s tour bus.

“It’s so fun to look back…thinking back as an adult, I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s so, so surreal,'” said Mathers. “And those memories of me thinking those were normal things, now I look back like, ‘Holy crap, that was cool.”‘

Ednie added, “‘I remember going on [the tour bus] and all our memories of being young were so cool and unique to look back at now. At the time, it felt so normal and not anything strange or different. We didn’t know any better.”

“That was so fun,” Hailie said. “I always like, think about that time. We went to Florida, my dad was working on something, and he set up for us to do, like, the limo and take it to Disney and we did the princess tea party, and he had the dresses waiting for us. And even then, at the time, we were so happy and so excited, but we didn’t get to appreciate that moment as much as now when we talk about it and think back on it.”

It looks as if this podcast may offer some untapped insight into what Eminem’s life is like behind the scenes, if not a glimpse since the rapper doesn’t share much about his lifestyle. Now that his baby girl is 26 years old, Hailie Jade is ready to share her stories about Eminem as a doting father. 

Check it out below. 

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