Who Is Estee Williams? TikTok Creator Embodies The 1950s Housewife

The 1950s were much a different time for women. During that decade it was considered the norm for men to work and financially support their families while women tended to the home. But as time passed, women began to reject this lifestyle and began pursuing their own careers.

Now more than half of women have joined the workforce and are securing high-ranking jobs that once exclusively were male-dominated. But what about the women who liked the way things were back in the ’50s? Where does that leave them? Let’s introduce you to TikToker Estee Williams (@esteecwilliams).

A 1950s housewife EMBODIED by Estee Williams

What is a tradwife? TikTok’s Estee Williams (@esteecwilliams) has mastered it.

A tradwife, which is a mix of the words “traditional” and “wife.” Tradwives are women who are bringing ’50s ideologies into the present, such as practicing old-fashioned homemaking skills, never working outside the home, and avoiding feminism, per Katie Couric Media.

Basically, these women try to replicate the appearance, mannerisms, and duties of the average housewife in America circa 1950. The only difference now is that these present day housewives have the opportunity to capture their lifestyle for social media.

For example, meet Estee Williams (@esteecwilliams), a popular TikTok creator who shares videos about her life as a traditional wife in 2023.

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In many of Estee’s videos, she can be seen prepping food for her husband while dolled up in shirtwaist dresses. The interior of her home, which can be seen in the background of her videos, even resembles one of that time period. And get this? Estee appears to be doing most of the work without the aid of modern day cooking and cleaning appliances. She really puts in the elbow grease!

@esteecwilliams Create the perfect foundation and you’ll have a successful marriage ♾ #fyp #tradwife #megawife #wifetips #makewivesgreatagain #housewife #homemaker #sandwhichmaker #traditional #marriage #newlymarried ♬ original sound – Estee

In one video, Estee confirms that she does all the cooking and cleaning in her home, as her husband, the breadwinner, shouldn’t have to lift a finger unless he wants to. This includes making sure the house is clean and dinner is on the table for him when he returns home from work. Estee also clarifies that she only cooks her husband the foods that he wants to eat, meaning that she’ll never try to force a diet or clean eating on him.

Other practices Estee follows in her marriage include only going to the gym when her husband is with her, giving her husband the final say on big purchases and investments, not having any male friends, and always looking put together for him.

The comments on Estee’s videos are often divided. For starters, some folks wholeheartedly support her lifestyle.

tiktok comment

While others find it “so strange.”

tiktok comment

Meanwhile, others tried to warn her of the trials and tribulations of being a housewife, especially if your marriage falls apart or you decide to have kids.

tiktok comment
tiktok comment

Our take? If Estee and her husband are happy, then that’s all that matters. She addresses many of the criticisms she has gotten for her values on her page, for those who are curious.

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