Euphoria Star Sydney Sweeney Says She Felt TypeCast After Playing ‘Sexualised’ Scenes As Cassie Howard

“That became a mould forced onto me as human” Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney reveals while talking about her nude role as Cassie Howard in Euphoria.

Sydney Sweeney may have become a household name thanks to her role as Cassie Howard on HBO’s “Euphoria,” but that hadn’t stopped the actress from feeling like she had been typecast.

Euphoria Star Sydney Sweeney

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the 24-year-old explained how playing a sexualized role in the teen drama had subsequently left people with the wrong perception of who she was outside of the show.

“Cassie is a sexualized character, and that became a mould that was then [forced] onto me as a human instead of just Cassie,” Sydney expressed. I was seeing people say, ‘Oh, she only got this because she showed her boobs.’ I had multiple shows and movies before I even did Euphoria. I look very different in everything I do because I want to become the character individually, and I don’t want people to associate Sydney Sweeney with a character – I want them to fully feel like they’re experiencing another world and another person.”

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