How Much Money Does Faze Rug Make, Have? 60 Fun Facts About The Rich 24-Year-old American YouTuber

FaZe Rug is an American YouTuber who produces vlogs, challenges, gaming videos, and pranks on his YouTube channel.

He is a co-owner of FaZe Clan. He also is the most subscribed gamer in FaZe Clan on YouTube, with over 19.9 million subscribers. 

What is Faze Rug’s net worth? Well, The Vibely will provide the answer to the question in this article which is aimed at revealing detailed quick facts about the YouTuber.

These facts would include the real name of Faze Rug, who he is dating (girlfriend), family, birthday, where he lives (house), cars, merch, height, birthday, social blade, bio, wiki, pictures, etc.

Faze Rug

Below are 60 facts about Faze Rug that every fan of him should know..


His full/real name is Brian Rafat Awadis


Brian was formerly called oRugrat and SoaR Rug


Faze Rug is an American.


He was born in San Diego, California, USA. 


Faze Rug lives at Poway, California, United States.


Brian was born on November 19, 1996.


He is 24-year-old.


His birthplace is San Diego, California, USA. 


His parents are still married.


The names of his parents are Ron and Sana Awadis.

Faze Rug, his mother, brother, and father.


His parents are immigrants who are originally from Iraq.


They are frequently referred to as Mama Rug and Papa Rug online as they also have their YouTube channel.


He has only one sibling- a brother.


His brother’s name is Brandon Awadis.


He has dated fellow YouTubers and Instagram models.


Faze Rug has dated Molly Eskam and has also Kaelyn as of currently after the couple got back together in 2020.


Brian moved out of his FaZe Rug House 2020 in April 2021 because he felt too far and not connected to his family.


He is currently staying at his family house and is in progress to find a new house closer to where his family lives.


When he was in middle school, people used to call him Rico from Hannah Montana because he had a similar appearance to him.


A fan once breached his house, which he felt he had to move out.[1]

Faze Rug and brother.


The first he ever played as a kid was Super Mario World.


The game he is best at is Warzone


His favorite artist of all time is Drake


Awadis attended San Diego Miramar College


He dropped out of school during his freshman year to pursue his YouTube career full-time.


He explained in one of his videos that he dropped out of school to pursue his YouTube career, which allowed him to create his own clan on YouTube which is often known as the Faze Clan.


His parents bought a $4 million dollar mansion in 2020, which includes a movie theatre, bar & a modern pool.


Faze Rug is a popular YouTuber who has made a fortune with his prank video channel.


Faze has reported being featured in the movie Crimson.

# 30.

The vlogger, FaZe Rug is the director and co-owner of FaZe Clan, and a member of internet-group, CloutGang.


Faze Clan has 8.68 million subscribers


His style of content is challenges, Vlogs, and Pranks.


He started his own YouTube channel when he was in high school in November 2012.


We learned that when he was in high school he had a strong desire to become a basketball player and to make the team.


Although he put forth an effort, he was not selected to be a player on his high school basketball team.


It was at this time that he began playing the computer game “Call of Duty.” This was a new phase in his life and he grew to love video games and became really good at playing them.


He was so good that he started uploading videos of gameplay. Even though he wasn’t chosen to be on the basketball team, he didn’t let that get him down.


His first videos were of gameplay in “Call of Duty” and trick shots, which gained a fair amount of attention from viewers, but it was not nearly the numbers he would pull in when he resorted to pulling pranks and uploading the videos.


He started going by Faze Ruge, then it was shortened to Faze Rug.


His mom and dad have been highly supportive of his channel and they even appear in some of Rug’s videos.


Awadis has an older brother who also has a YouTube channel.


We’re not sure what Brian plans to do for the rest of his career, but it doesn’t appear that he has to change anything because he is one of the most successful YouTube stars on the internet today.


He has 19.9 subscribers as of the time of this article.


His overall total views are 4,893,823,543.


Within just two years of the debut of his YouTube channel, Faze Rug’s subscription numbers broke the one million mark. He has continued to draw in more viewers who like the channel so much that they subscribe.

Faze Rug and Kaelyn – his girlfriend.


Awadis’ channel has received a remarkable over 4.8 billion views. This makes him prime for brands that are willing to pay just to be advertised on his channel.


We learned that he makes between $2 and $5 for every thousand views from a partner program that he splits with YouTube.


This is a pay-per-click partnership so you can do the match to see that with three billion views, he’s racking up to profits.


It’s estimated that he makes around $8,000 a day from the YouTube ads on his videos.


Faze Rug also brings in additional revenue streams from his endorsements of brands as well as his own line of products which are mostly merchandise.


He sells tee shirts, hoodies, sunglasses, and all kinds of accessories. There are also knapsacks available under his brand.


He has taken his fame and popularity to the retail market where he also brings in an undisclosed amount of income.


Faze Rug has generated enough revenue from the channel to own a California home valued at $2.5 million.


Brian’s cars include a Lamborghini, Mercedes, Range Rover, Tesla, etc. – Not bad for a guy that’s not even 25 yet.


The most recent estimate places his net worth at a whopping $10 million.

Faze Rug and Molly Eskam – his rumored ex-girlfriend.


Even fans of the internet star are wondering how he made so much money in less than ten years as a vlogger and prankster. We were also curious so we looked into his career history and here is what we discovered.


When you consider the millions of subscribers that he has who are willing to pay a monthly fee for his uploads, the pay per click advertisements that bring in extra revenue, his licensed apparel, and accessories, it is plain to see that the bulk of Brian’s fortune has been made through his fame as a talented YouTuber.


Faze Rug is one to keep your eye on in the years to come because his popularity with viewers is showing no signs of slowing down.


He continues to draw in new fans and some weeks show an exponential increase in the number of views and subscribers. He’s a huge success now and we expect his fame to continue to rise in the years to come.


FaZe Rug is also active on other social media platforms. You can follow him below;

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